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The Staticor Buff Was Totally Uncalled For

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2 hours ago, lolmetimbers said:


I'll say it again. You built it wrong. You can harp on about theorycrafting but when you include rivens into the mix it is a completely different story, especially if you understand how damage types work. +Flight speed is a no brainer on a riven, that stat alone makes up for it's major weakness. Damage/Multishot as a secondary stat is great overall however a toxin roll+crit mods can indeed be best in slot on certain builds so these two combined make it absurd i.e making a incredibly strong weapon even stronger. Ignoring it's other strengths, just the 8m aoe buff that goes through walls alone makes it OP btw - it's the new FOTM for an obvious and good reason.

Staticor is completely fine with just Lethal Torrent btw but if you get it fire rate as a 2nd/3rd roll it is also nice. However, I will consider that maybe cos you are on console you cannot achieve an acceptable fire rate because you cannot use a macro/bind fire to scroll wheel and have to mash the fire button with your poor fingers. Without one it probably makes it feel like a 'snail'. This alone means your build is less optimal compared to PC version I guess.

Uh, sure, if you’re using macros or binding the fire rate on the scroll wheel good for you. But saying that we built the weapon wrong when I presented statistical proof that a 0.53 Disposition is already poor in trying to replace a stat on the Staticor, or that you’re not using Primed Crit mods?

Sure, whatever makes you feel better.

edit: Btw, you can mod Staticor just fine to whatever damage type you want to use with Crit mods. If you can kill Tower Level 4 enemies and up with bullet jumps alone, all you need to worry about is using whatever other means to apply other damage types outside the Staticor. You seriously don’t need a Riven on the Staticor, and whatever increase a Riven it gives is only a miniscule boost at best.

edit2: Who’s to say that console players (besides NSW) can’t get themselves a macro controller to hold the button to auto-fire on semi-auto weapons? And you’re using your position as a PC player to argue your case about frame rate superiority when accounting for the Staticor’s Fire Rate? That’s reaching, to quote you, at absurd levels.

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4 hours ago, Xzorn said:

Personally I would go for a happy medium. The base shots 2m > 3m AoE. The Charge shot stays 8m but increase base damage to about 350 and increase Charged Projectile speed. The Charge shot could also due with a different Sound FX on the shot itself and the explosion.

I'd love something like this.  

(While we're at it, adding an interesting charge up to its sister-weapon the Sonicor would make me very happy.)


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15 hours ago, lolmetimbers said:

If you think that the staticor isn't OP, then you clearly do not know how to build it or don't have a riven for it which makes it even more absurd. It is probably the most effective gun to wipe the map, even at 'high' levels such as arbitrations, which is why it is used so much now.

High levels<---->arbitrations

Jokes aside, staticor is great for higher levels and has great performance, but not OP by any stretch. OP would be of it performed at base the way it does buffed by frames and synergistic combos. It's popularity is because it serves the niche needed so much in the modern day content.

It's so used right now, because it's an aoe weapon, which are notoriously popular because of the wide encompassing audience they please. For those who can't aim well, it's a great alternative. For those who are looking for high level gameplay, the multihits increase effective dps by a wide margin, higher than most other weapons. For casuals and star chart warriors, playing the lower levels, the damage is sufficient to nuking maps, which is amazingly effective for kps and effective dps.

And you can't deny the cosplay appeal.

KAAA...MEEE...HAAA...MEEE...HADOUKEEEEN. Blasphemy i know, but you get the point lol

Building the staticor is another matter. You can mod it for crit, if you are proficient with headshots, but i prefer fire rate and status. You can of course balance for both, but the fact that it's a pure elemental weapon with high status just begs for status and fire rate. It's low disposition really limits the viability of supercharged builds, but I've never needed rivens to begin with when optimizing, they're just nice additions,  though with some serious potential on the right weapons (though the community is largely oblivious to this fact and seem to be stuck on the crit and multishot rolls that seem to captivate everyone undeserving).

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