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Limbo needs one more change to be perfect.


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a toggle banish for single target, and crowd banish(like it is right now)


i realized that this was a much needed change during a sortie defense. i keep banishing my teammates and random enemies when i only wanted to banish the operator!

all i ask for, as a proud limbo main, is a toggle option, like vauban's ability.. i know its annoying to banish teammates that dont wanna be banished so please, just make this one last change so he may be perfect.

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20 minutes ago, deothor said:

If only we could banish things while in our dimension, ah what beautiful life it'd be.


I'd stick that on the single target only for balance reasons. Otherwise things would be a little too cheesy (and potentially further troll fuel). OG and new banishes both being available options would be excellent. Wide-range, riskier banish that's great for energy regen and a quick 'deal with you later' and precise, safe banish that's great for priority-target assassination.

I'd say that this change isn't the only one he needs but it's a good one. The others I'd suggest would be: a clearer way to tell if enemies and yourself are in the rift (some areas are actually brighter in the rift), AoE indicator for the wide-range Banish and a way for non-Limbo's to be able to access the rift without needing a cataclysm, banish or portal to limit trolling and improve team synergy.

A possible last change could be some other reason to use Rift Surge so its niche uses - maintaining a huge rift area beyond even cataclysm's radius or pulling in stragglers- becomes accessible more often. Maybe something about locating enemies affected by it so we can track down enemies caught in the rift accidentally more easily?

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I just want his old single target 500 damage both sides of the rift banish to come back, so I don't have to drop Cataclysm.

Also, would be cool to banish, Rift Surge, kill, then rift surge and kill again as an alternative to cata.

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