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I don't think there is a meta companion because they compliment your loadout.

Helios serves a special purpose for lazy scans and does the most damage of the Sentinels. Carrier is the most universally useful Sentinel because of Ammo Case but not always the best. Djinn cannot fully die which comes in handy for frames that can afford to get hit but don't get hit constantly. Wyrm is good for frames that could otherwise die from a random Bleed proc like Mesa. Shmeeta is the Kuva farming cat, Adarza is the DPS cat while Kubrows / Helmith in general compliment tanky frames.

Most the Moa precepts are either bugged or underwhelming. Stasis Field is okay but only works with Projectiles. I guess the Shockwave is okay as well.

It's unfortunate Companions have a good amount of decent mods but don't have the mod space to use them.

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