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Can't revive after being downed in solo

(XBOX)Lead Drednought

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Same. This is a frequent issue that seems to occur when being downed on transistion to your warframe (e.g: archwing-> warframe or operator-> warframe). If a fix can't be made then a work around needs to be supplied. Whether that's a /respawn console command that forces player death and respawn if a respawn is available or some buried option in the Esc menu for "Force player revive".

If exploiting this is a concern, something like inputting a randomised 4 digit code using an interface like entering a highscore name in old arcade games should be enough of a deterent and manual process to increase the likelihood that this is a bug reset and impossible to do in a timely manner for exploit purposes.

In any case, this is a big enough bug that it needs attention if it means it wipes reward progress for a first down in an eidolon hunt, bounty, mission, etc. I play this game in my spare time and expect it to be fun/relaxing but losing 30-40mins worth progress with no reward it just plain frustrating and dissapointing. I really enjoy warframe and don't want to move on from this game but it's objectively broken in it's current state and I will if I can't find a solution can't be provided for this problem.

Edit: It happens in group play also and friends can't do anything to help and there is no timer timeout to force revive.

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