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WTS Godly Strun CC/SC/Multishot/-SD *Price Drop*

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Looking to sell a 2 roll, D polarity, MR12 riven. 

Stats are as follows 

+147.% Multishot

+117.7% Critical Chance

+112% Status Chance

-92% Status Duration


With my current build of Riven, Primed Point Blank, Primed Ravage, Hell's Chamber, Seeking Fury, Primed Charged Shell, Toxic Barrage, and Blunderbuss. 

It achieves 100% SC, 55.4% CC, 4.6x Crit Multiplier, and is able to one shot lvl 110 Corrupted Heavy gunners. lvl 155 enemies fall in two shots, as it strips all armor in two shots. 


The negative has little affect on the weapon, as corrosive is a permanent status effect.


My asking price is 4.5k, but am willing to take offers. PM me in game or reply/message me here with offers. 


Thanks Tenno, Happy Hunting.

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