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The last ride for nef.


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6 hours ago, Firetempest said:

He will likely be saved as a Railjack boss.


It was even hinted in the reveal.

Alad and possibly Frohd need to have a comeback, so if nothing else Nef needs a big event that either kills him off or at least gets him to neff off (heh) for a while. Speaking of Frohd, can we get a proper indicator on his and Tyl Regor's life status? We kill them in boss fights but we did that to Salad. Twice.

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"The void giveth, and the void taketh away" in the end strap him to a tortion beam device and turn it on.

His ship is in self destruct, trying to catch the tenno by escaping through the device. You get to him, but the only way off the ship in time is through the wormhole. The last thing you see Is the 4 players entering the wormhole, while nef is screaming, and his ship is blowing up.

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