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Titania leg animation bug when #4 active


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Previously, Titania could make full use of emotes when her #4 Razorwing was active. She could dance, she could jive, she could meditate.

Now, her legs are completely locked. It's like someone severed her spinal chord somewhere near the waist.

The arms move as expected with these emotes, but the legs are like the little mermaid lost her tail, got legs, but still thinks she has a tail.. but not swimming.. or something.

It used to be really cool to hit the end of a mission with Titania and go into "mini Buddha" pose, or strut funky stuff. Would be nice to do this again.


To repeat:

Use Titania, activate #4 ability Razorwing.

Use any emote, dance, meditate, etc.

The legs are locked in place and it looks really nasty.

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