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Clip issue in Spaceport

(XBOX)Ethereal Regis

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Not sure if this is a Mission bug , Art bug, or even a bug at all. However in the Spaceport there is a large 'turbine?' that u can turn on and then it dunks into a coolant pool. Since it didn't seem to have a point beside some aesthetics I thought there might be something above it when it drops down. I jumped up there and when it lifted out of the coolant it clipped me into the 'turbine?' which is fully enclosed in collision walls. Now, I had been farming and exploring for the past hour and a half so I was scared.


I managed to finally work a way out . Inside the 'turbine?' I was able to take out my k-board when I jumped. Oddly the k-board is in eternal fall inside so I tried different tricks and positions for it. by sheer luck, I believe, I noticed that one of my board placement clipped me into the front of the 'turbine?'. I kept flipping forward  and eventually it clipped me far enough into the wall that it pushed me back out.

Some kind of prevention from being trapped in there would be good.

Edited by (XB1)Ethereal Regis
-Was just told i could use the unstuck command on the console. my bad.
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