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Conservation feedback.


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This is not very newb friendly.  A tutorial would have been great.   But I vaguely remembered the great poop hunt of dev stream and managing to get some hunts going.  

Pobbler tracks do not get revealed far enough in advance.  Usually im standing at the last foot print i can see waiting for more to show.

While in the middle of a hunt and you have successfully called out to an animal some things need to change.  1st the start points for all other hunt spots are being shown on minimap.  I think called animals also show up on minimap/radar?  This makes it pretty damn hard to see the animal blip over all the new hunt blips.  2nd if we make a successful animal call make the game point at the animal.  In the real world when something makes noise you can tell what direction its coming from,  video games with monosound speakers cant.  So help us out a little and atleast give us a chance to see the critters we successfully call.


Hunting Guide:

  • Equip tranq.  This reveals hunting start points on advanced map(as a little paw).  Go there however  AW / K Drive.
  • BEFORE u start hunt look at poop pile or whatever and see what kinda animal it is.  If you have the echolure for that animal equip it via tranq menu. (Hold R1 while tranq is equipped and HOld Square if u need to switch it or just tap to equip.) You should have your Echlure out now...
  • start hunt and just follow tracks by walking over them (DO NOT be looking through tranq gun scope)
  • After u follow trail you should find a big glowy pile of something the animal messed with.  Stand on it and let out a call.  It should respond and you should see a pitch to start at with ur echolure.  You have to make a second call matching the pitch change.  I think you use left stick to move pitch up/down.
  • After that they should be hooked and on the way.  Hide,  go invis,  equip tranq.  Now on this part im not clear...  I "think" the animal will show up on minimap/radar.   But its usually lost among all the hunt start blips so u have no idea where its at.  I would get up high or far away and use tranq gun scope to spot it.
  • If you tranq 1 then u have to goto body and capture it.
  • rinse and repeat until plushie army is big enough.
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