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Option to toggle between the new and old gear wheel


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I got used to the gear wheel remembering the item I last used, meaning I could use archwing, get off it, do some stuff and immediately get back on by simply tapping the gear wheel button and the X button on my controller.  Now after the update I keep wasting energy pizzas and falling into water and such because I keep forgetting that the gear wheel resets everytime you leave it.  In the update notes they said the reason for making it that way is because players were complaining that they were losing muscle memory, but that is what's happening to me AFTER the change. 

I'm not asking to revert it or anything, just add a option to select the old gear wheel so players like me who found that more efficient can stick to it instead of having to fumble through all the items (which isn't easy to do with a controller) everytime we want to use something, thanks.

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On 2018-12-11 at 6:03 PM, WhiteMarker said:

On PC atleast, if you have only 10 items in your gear wheel, it looks like it used to.
Only if you have more items in your wheel, it gets "extended".

I don't fill my gear wheel because there isn't much I use except pizzas and mining/fishing gear and ciphers. But everytime I close the window it resets to whatever is on the very top of the wheel, a energy pizza in my case and I keep spamming it by mistake while trying to equip other stuff.  Remember how Rebecca did a trick where she switched from archwing to hoverboard mid fall? Well trying to do that would usually cause you to fall into a abyss or something lol.

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