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Operator clothing bugged (parts missing/misaligned)


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The Fortuna update seems to have either done a major overhaul to the operator cosmetics or has bugged them out. (I hope the latter)


the operator cosmetics used in this bug report are:

- Commodore prime mask

- Commodore prime cuirass

- Zauba pauldrons

- Zauba greaves

- Kopra tassets (before) / Commodore prime apparel (after)

(sidenote: not a big fan of how the commodore prime apparel was removed from being included with the commodore prime cuirass and put into its own section and id much rather favour the old way)


Front before the Fortuna update:


Front after the Fortuna update:EYRQ8yo.jpg


- My operator doesnt seem to wear pants anymore (it seems the Commodore prime cuirass no longer includes the pants section, this is even more visible between the front after and the back before screenshot)

- The Zauba pauldrons now seem to miss the armour piece accros the upper chest (as it seems these are now only included in the Zauba cuirass) as well as now sitting lower on the shoulder instead of on top of the shoulder (this seems to be a problem with all of the PoE operator cosmetics).

- The Zauba greaves seems to miss some of their “bulk” and became a slimmed down version this update.



Back before the Fortuna update:


Back after the Fortuna update:


- zauba pauldrans hanging off the shoulder instead of being mounted on top (as depicted on the image when buying the Zauba pauldrons). as well as it missing the armour piece across the back (as it seems these are now only included in the Zauba cuirass).

- operator not wearing pants as the Commodore prime cuirass seems to be missing its pants section.



i hope the cosmetics changes to operator clothes during the Fortuna update are a bug rather then them working as intended as i can honestly say the fashion frame i had before Fortuna seems to be ruined with this update (which is even more annoying as it included the commodore prime cosmetics which had to be bought directly with money). as well as the commodore prime cosmetics no longer being able to really blend in with any of the other operator cosmetics.

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literally just copying my post from a siliar thread:

its a more wide spread problem. dont even get me started on how bad the koppra faulds look now. anything that goes around the waist now floats unattached, clips through the legs, n looks horrible. they prioritized the new bulkier stuff so everything else now misaligns with the older, thinner suits, even their own parts. its kind of messed up how in the name of making mixing and matching them more viable, they made it all look bad and made none of it match up. i know this wasnt the intent, but it feels like ruining old content to drive us toward new content. i also think its quite misleading that they use this image to show the changes when it leaves out all the add on pieces, thus hiding the fact that they all look awful now.a829109938a9f13915862f9424325b2f.jpg

ive thought plenty of times about making a thread about this stuff, but lets be honest, DE knows it looks awful, they made changes in update 22 point something that looked awful, the intire internet was like 'wtf did you do to my operator?', de undid those changes saying they would do it right in a later update, and then did it again with all of these problems still intact. i dont really see them going through and redoing a third time if they re released it like this. at this point i dont think they care, or id have screenshots of every single operator item that clips/doesn't attach/doesn't color match linked in this post. and believe me, itd be alot of pictures.

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this is still a top tier annoyance from the first fortuna update



and for the love of lotus, not even the new stuff fits right





at least an acknowledgment of the problem like the last time would help the situation, DE. i just want a tenno-aligned kiddo, not some smelter or vent rat that has no relation to the character.

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On 2018-12-18 at 7:29 PM, FaeliecanSagus said:

at least an acknowledgment of the problem like the last time would help the situation, DE. i just want a tenno-aligned kiddo, not some smelter or vent rat that has no relation to the character.

Yeah, this is something I crave too, both the tenno-styled operator rather than a vent rat, and that DE at least show that they know about the problems from their first change of the Operators are still there (plus a few new ones) 

I know that after the first Fortuna 2 update having no news or mentions about this that any fixes would not come this year (christmas and all, I can fully understand if it'd be put on a few weeks backburner because of that) but you know, at least some "we know" would be nice. 

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