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IO On Jupiter Overtuned


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I only have a couple of missions nodes left on Jupiter for completion.  In all the previous Jupiter missions nodes, I have had no problems at all completing them.  My weapons are good enough to 1 shot or two shot most Corpus.  I am MR6 with about 125 hours in the game.  I was fine, until I hit IO.

It seems to me to be way more difficult than any other mission node on Jupiter.  Maybe as much as twice as hard.  On the order of Alert hard.  These Corpus seem to hit really hard, much harder than others on Jupiter.  There also seem to be a whole lot more of them to deal with, coming from all directions equally.  As a defense mission, it is very difficult to protect the unit given the DPS and number of enemies that spawn in.  Not to mention the TWO Bursa that spawn in at the end.  Ouch.

I did manage to defeat the mission, but only after dropping a Specter for the extra DPS and suffering two deaths.  The IO mission just seems so out of spec in comparison with the rest of the Jupiter missions.

Please take a look at this one.

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