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Vauban tweak- passive, mine layer & bounce


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So to start, Vauban’s abilities lack damage and significant utility – CC only gets you so far, especially Vauban’s CC.

So my first adjustment starts with Vauban’s passive.

I like the extra damage of reinforce but it feels telling what playstyle is expected for this frame as this ability only affects two abilities. I feel this passive should include an increase the chance to drop extra loot whenever enemies are killed by while under the affects of his abilities.– so bastille and vortex have a chance to grant extra loot (instant extra utility).

My second adjustment would be Bounce - This ability is fun but most useless. With a major adjustment it could be viable again as an area denial ability but useable for the entire group. First, make Bounce a slot one ability. Increase bounces range however add whenever a player does a slam attack within it all enemies within range are knocked back a few meters (away from the center of the pad), this also knocks them down. Infinite bounces but a 3 to 5 sec delay between triggers.

Does the Same damage

Strength affects knockback range: 10m

Duration: 30s

Increase range to: 6/8/10/12ms


So with bounce now in the one slot, it makes sense to move Telsa to the 2 slot

So with Bounce as a slot one ability, this allows Telsa to be part of minelayer family. This (3rd) adjustment goes as follows, make minelayer into an exalted secondary weapon. i know NOT every frame needs an exalted weapon but these grenades/mines would benefit greatly by using secondary weapon mods particularly with the other changes I’m suggesting. Players could change the grenade type by selecting the grenade appearance.

So continuing with the minelayer changes, I would also really like to see more grenade functionality too (you know, immediate explosion). so below is a description:

Mine-layer – Telsa, shred (mine version: when shred explodes it releases other cluster bombs on top), concussion (mine versions: lets out high pitch noise, stuns enemies like banshee’s silence), trip wire (grenade- ties up the closest enemy)

Tab – to throw grenade that immediately blows or…

Hold to lay down mine.

Strength: 400 dmg (blast explosion), 700 dmg ( mine explosion )

Same durations

Explosion range: 6ms

Increase mine range to 12ms

Finally as far as Vortex and Bastille, I believe they are good as is, so long as the utility adjustments are considered.


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