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em fortuna on ps4 has broken more things with sortie defense target


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cosmetically, revives don’t have the heal aura. 

the defense target still teleports and jumps around waaaay too much and crawls continously. why did you break their AI.. or more accurately -how-?

since arbitrations it’s been like this. how does a completely different mission mode break behavior unless your are running global variables for state everywhere?

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what drives me nuts is it seems like every time they touch tile (sacrifice destroyed speed drift it seems), arbitrations (sortie ai), waypoint markers (the soft strobe becomes unmoored from the way point and pinned in camera viewport. its like somebody left a turn signal on for the rest of the mission) something using that element breaks in a completely different mission modality or location.


granted they are polishing LAF and textures a bunch things but if they expect to actually address the content drought, it looks like they need to polish off a platter of spaghetti code first because critical mass code cannot be readily developed, it just falls apart.

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