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Frozen/Immobile Condrocs when using a synthesis scanner while flying an itzal


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I experienced a bug where the condrocs that spawned into the Plains of Eidolon wouldn't move or fly when they spawned in while I was using a synthesis scanner (zoomed in). I was seeing if the scanner could help identify wildlife because I didn't know the effective range of the scanner, and I noticed that 3 condrocs had spawned near a grineer encampment. When I flew up close to them they didn't fly away as they normally would, but were instead frozen mid-wing flap animation. When I tried it again I found 2 condrocs already flying in the air that were also frozen. These condrocs managed to get unfrozen after one died, however. I haven't tried repeating this after closing my game yet, so I'm not sure if it's a super repeatable bug

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