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About Archwing weapons...


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I know I'm no Dev, and will not likely in my life be one... but I am a players whom play this game ALOT.. when I saw the sentient weapons and Arch wing weapons... it clicked to me that this would be an awesome feature/option for the players who want to see/play/feel of godly weapons with out breaking the game...

Arch Wing on land/open world weapons should be very powerful, and limited use, like the minigun you pick up in Bulletstorm... CAN have recharges, with maybe energy/or some other ways to regeneration... should be a drop from consumable, so players who pick it up would have a short time of god tier destructive power, but slowed movement speed, or requires arch wing to fly faster... (maybe archwing shield will charge ammo at 50%+ shield or just use arch wing energy to convert?)  so it would be like only energy of arch wing can support the gun to recharge, but if summons on land alone, it's just one time use with large clip.

Enemy with Arch Wing weapons: they should look/move/armored like a super heavy gunner (perhaps an exo suit for both factions), and slow rev up, or firing rate, probably projetile should be slowed, but the damage should be super high, and greatly prokky.. (we DO need better sets of end game enemies, but not just ability drain, but rather, powerful, but beatable when faced using team works, and power synergy. Yes, we need more of these, hell even a Semi Giant Exo armor suit Arch Wing Melee duds would be cool to see in Open worlds! (slow moving heavy hitting, high knock down/back semi-giants)

Same goes to Sentient weapons, looks like a Sentient Warrior arm, being chopped off (a Paracelsus activated finisher? when it's stunned at 10% health, no shield?) when Tenno equips it, it's short time OP weapon, thus having a Raid boss that will summon 2-3 of those Warriors as guards, and then can only be damaged by these weapons, or shield can only be taken off by these weapons could be a great boss fight! We need Raids, like more than 4 players team missions/bosses this sounds like a way to do it... Edolons are cool... but it's still just 4 players... feels when compares to other games... short of team combo... REALLY looking forward to see more... I'm sick of people saying "Destiny is better because Raids", or "Anthem is going to crush Warframe" I personally can't wait to see 8 men crew Rail Jack mission to be first of the new bunch of Warframe Raids~~~~ Those trash cash grab fake games got nothing on ya DE! Let the content Flow!

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