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Arbitration Host Migration =Mission Failure


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So I got into a great Arbitration group yesterday (Yay!) We were 10 excavators completed in the earth tileset with 5 endo rewards when our host disconnected and the remaining 3 of us were greeted with a mission failure when we reconnected. It was extremely frustrating to have spent the time and effort looking to the almost 10k endo reward and to walk away with nothing because of a game mechanic that one would think could be fixed by some period of invulnerability pending all squad members reconecting to the mission?! Please fix this. This is not the first time this has happened and will only encourage people to leave early or try to complete these encounters solo i.e. better to come away with something than nothing at all. Had I lost my rewards due to difficulty level or my own mistake I could live with it but not a poorly executed game mechanic. Thank you.

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