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Twitch Drops aren't working even after relinking accounts


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Sorry, I'm not sure the proper place to post this. I'm hoping to get in touch with someone who can get this solved. I opened a Warframe support ticket. Got a reply with a link to the faq to relink my account, which I did again (and many times previously). They then suggested that it's a bug on Twitch's end. I opened a Twitch support ticket, got a link to their FAQ saying to relink my account, which I did again. I responded saying it wasn't working and haven't heard back in a month now. So I'm hoping to get in touch with someone that can help get this solved. I've also seen some other people complaining in Twitch chat about the same issue.

During the last drop event there was a message that Drops were enabled and to link my account, but I'm not seeing it. I tried debugging the js and it looks like Twitch doesn't think the Warframe drop event is running for me for some reason, while last time it insisted my account wasn't linked.

Sorry, I'm frustrated with this and not getting any help other than FAQ links for a month and a half and missing out on all the drop events. As far as I can tell, it's an issue on Twitch's end. I'm hoping someone from DE can investigate this and get in touch with someone at Twitch that'll actually listen.

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