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there seems to be a bug for nintendo switch that was present on the ps4 and xbox1 in the past iteration of the fortuna twitch drop where for some reason if it rolls a drop of the same kind as one you have already obtained you will get nothing

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I've been trying to figure out exactly what is require for it to count as a drop since I have also experienced a lot of inconsistency. 
There seems to be some anti-abuse systems at work to avoid people having all the streams open and getting drops from each of them, which I totally understand.

But it also seems to screw over some legitimate viewers.

From what I've gathered so far:

1) You need to link your Warframe and Twitch account which you can do here: https://www.warframe.com/user

2) You need to be logged into your Twitch account while viewing, its important that your username is on the channel user list.

3) It seems that it won't count while the stream is muted. (still doing more testing on this)

4) It seems the page needs to be "active" so it can't be a background tab. (still doing more testing on this)

I also don't think Warframe is actually using Twitch's drop system since other games will have this below their stream title when drops are enabled while Warframe does not.

So basically comes down to that you need to be actively watching the stream, can't just mute it and forget about it. Which kinda makes sense.

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i submitted a ticket but was told to post here, be careful if you're using the twitch launcher thing.

i ran the whole timeline and got zero drops. use your standard browser.

do not use the twitch launcher to watch anything that should trigger watch time.

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