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[Battlemaster Gaming] New Clan, Retuning Player


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I've just recently returned after a lengthy hiatus from the game and am looking to get right back into the swing of things. With that in mind, I have a few goals moving forward I'd like to ask for help with. Beyond just working on my overall MR, equipment MR and grinding in general, I want to establish a group of like minded players to both enjoy gameplay with and focus on a project to keep an interest in playing moving forward. 

I invite all, new or veteran players who are looking for a similar experience to support this project and help this budding clan grow to it's maximum potential. 


The intended purpose of Battlemaster Gaming:

If I still have your attention so far, let me elaborate more on my intentions and where I see this project going....

First and foremost, this is simply a way to bring players together in an environment to promote;

•A shared interest in new and up coming content (I.e. Storylines, Missions, PvP etc.)

•Development of what is basically a brand new clan. Being the sole member, I'm focused on recruiting a core leadership team to aid with the growth of this project. By no means do I wish to discourage those wanting to join solely for enjoyment, but rather encourage those interested in helping build this clan into something greater find a place here.

•A connection across other platforms. I personally play other games besides Warframe as I'm sure most everyone does. While I am looking to focus attention on this game, I will absolutely play other games with Battlemaster members. 

Though this may seem like an overly ambitious project, I'd rather look at it like an opportunity. Of course this won't be an easy goal to accomplish and definately won't happen overnight, but I'm a firm believer in steady progress regardless of the time it takes. Nurturing healthy growth without stressing is how I'd prefer to do things, avoiding rapid expansion at the cost of quality.


Timezone and Availability:

My schedule sometimes varies and will have me working weird hours at times, but for the most part it stays fairly constant. 

*I am a NA based player from the West Coast (PST) and am usually available after 3:00 PM, Sunday through Thursday. Friday and Saturday are my days off.*

I will be sure to communicate any changes in my playtime as it changes.


Rules and General Clan Information:

I'll keep this brief and as orderly as possible. While I don't like to drown people in rules, some order is needed. Yes, I know most of these are obvious and apply to pretty much any clan out there, I still need to reiterate.

•This will be a Toxic-free environment. I won't tolerate insulting, demeaning, racial, sexist or otherwise offensive obscenities directed at other members/players. Everyone is welcome regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in removal from the clan and a ban from the Discord server. DON'T DO IT.

•As I have no aversion to adult themes and profanity (So long as it isn't in violation of the first rule), I am setting an age requirement. Members must be 18+, no exceptions. 

•This isn't a hardcore clan. While I won't discourage anyone from playing the game as they'd like, I won't condone unwilling members being forced to grind and conform to a certain playstyle.

•This next one seems a little contradictory despite what I've said so far, but I'll say it anyways; At this time, the 2 Co-Leaders are required to be MR10+. In the interest of being able to guide progression forward on the leadership level, I need a couple individuals who are proficient at the game's mechanics to help me flesh out the framework. Any leadership position below Battlemaster (Co-Leader), will have no MR requirement. 

At this time I do have a Discord channel set up and will be sending out invites as new members join the clan. I have no problems talking in voice chats and prefer if clan leadership could follow suit, but I won't make that a requirement. Forgive my broken record act, but just to ensure there's no misunderstandings, this clan is in it's newborn stage of life. If you're looking for a well established group, you will need to look elsewhere (Hence my reference to this being a project at the moment.)



I apologize for the long winded post and thank everyone who was patient enough to read this far. I'm in no rush to fill slots as quickly as possible so feel free to ask me questions, provide input or ping me ingame. My main focus is looking for active and dedicated players who share the same vision that I do. 

Anyone willing to offer outside support such as creating a clan emblem or website are always appreciated. Depending on terms and services provided, fair compensation for work completed is absolutely offered.

Thank you for your time and hope you'll consider joining Battlemaster Gaming!


IGN: Laxora

Platform: PC

Discord: Provided to members

Join here: https://forums.warframe.com/clubs/2216-battlemaster-gaming/


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Clan Update 1.0

In an effort to keep both clan members and those interested in joining up to date on current progression and goals moving forward, weekly updates are planned to release every Sunday (To the clan). Major events or things that might impact potential recruits will sometimes be shared to the broader community, but I'm trying to avoid spamming the forums. In the spirit of this, I present week 1 of our progress as a clan!

Week 1: 12/16/2018

As the 1st week(end) of the clan's renewed life comes to a close, we've managed to accomplish a fair amount of work these past few days. Moving forward, this section will be updated weekly to keep both our members and prospective recruits informed of the progress Battlemaster Gaming has made throughout the weeks. This will be especially crucial in the beginning stages as we track the steady growth of the clan.  Jumping right in, here is the full list of updates from the first few days (end of the week);

•We're up to 8 members in total with a solid group of prospective leaders! For now, we'll remain as a Ghost-tier clan until we can get the proper framework in order to handle steadily growing numbers.

•A big thank you to those who have assisted with providing materials to help our Dojo grow. We've added several new rooms and are ready to begin construction on research areas to begin supplying those blueprints to our members who need them.

•Our Discord server is an ever changing work-in-progress with several sections being established and ready for use. If you'd like to ask us questions or have just joined us and want to connect, a permanent server link has been added to the clan page here. 

As we continue to grow and improve, we'll begin pumping out content to keep interest up. We're a laid back group free of stringent requirements, but in the spirit of keeping socially connected, a handful of events will start to be offered to those who'd like to join. That concludes week(end) 1's Clan Update, be sure to check back here for continued content coming out in the future!

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