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Projectiles ignore inertia


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Projectiles are not affected by inertia, don't get momentum from Warframes and Archwings.

If you shoot weapons with slow projectile speeds while riding a boosted Archwing, their projectiles will shot behind.
Some of those weapons can hit allies like Staticor, the projectiles will hit yourself.

I feel very strange and awkward with those.
Although many Tennos habituated to those, should be fixed for realism. Tennos may feel awkward, but just for a moment.

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yes, Projectiles in Warframe do not inherit Host Velocity.

IMO, that is more intuitive in the long run for everyone since that is how their real world works and what their brain is used to and expects. the artificial style of not inheriting is ok, though.

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1 hour ago, peterc3 said:

This is, quite possibly, the worst reasoning to argue for a change to Warframe.

As you know, WF is game that has detailed concepts.

Lots of parameters like metrics, velocity, gravity, temperature, barometrics, vectors, etc. works together in the game. How do you think about the reason of these presence?

I thought WF was a quite realistic, but this one missing make me devaluate WF.

I hope you know the significance of the existance of games, and why realism is important.

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That would be tricky since forward inertia and forward ballistics are additive but the same is not true for sideways inertia.

They just finally fixed Projectiles not shooting sideways based on the character model. Don't want to see an even bigger mess.

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