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Mesa build help

(XBOX)General D1rtbag


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I can't say I have any recommended builds but, I will post shots of mine, and you should also remember that building Mesa is a double edged sword. You have to build her, and you have to build the Regulators.



That's the old build I use to run all the time, I still use it off and on but most people wouldn't want to try Umbral mods I am sure so I won't post that one.

Next up is Regulators. You can put some status in, it can be handy I suppose but I personally prefer to kill them instead of proc and build up to killing them.




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I am not sure why you have so much strength stacked, 

Very High duration, 200+

High efficiency 160

Low range 50

Decent strength 150 

Is what the preferred build is. 


Full Crit, pure damage, multishot and elemental and fire rate for the regulators is usually gonna be suggested. 

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You're going to get a ton of different builds for Mesa because it very much depends on the level range and role you want to take up.

Mesa is primarily a Damage dealer but she also has pretty good CC.

There are three main methods to setup Mesa.  Efficiency: ( Fleeting Expertise ), Duration: ( Streamline ) or Hunter's / Rage.

There are Pros and Cons to each method. Efficiency gets you an extra mod slot over Duration. The downside is you have to cast buffs more often. Duration has less upkeep but takes an additional mod to compare with Efficiency method. Rage / Hunters requires enemies actually stay alive and hit you in order to feed you energy.

All three of these are viable while the other Stats like Power Strength and Power Range depend what you want from her. I have builds focused on either while using an Efficiency setup so I can throw on Vitality + Primed Vigor + Adaptation. The Range based build cannot use all three but a non-Range Mesa can't deal with Grineer very well.

I would recommend having at least a Range build as an option but it's not very useful when Nullifiers are around so that's where trying to fit Umbra mods will be a problem. It would help to know what  you want from her.

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8 minutes ago, (XB1)General D1rtbag said:

A solo build that is viable for the highest levels possible.


This is a bit old but my builds are in the description. Only thing I've changed is swapped Intensify for Adaptation and I run Wyrm Prime now for the status immunity every 5 seconds to help prevent a Bleed tick from dropping her and yea one tick can drop her.

This also doesn't have my Range build on it but Mesa has a rough time with armor. Around lvl 300 was when she started to cap out using the Anemic Agility pistol build. Against unarmored though she can go past lvl 400. I just test builds till they start to plateau then leave.

Now that Adaptation is an option you might be able to get away with an Offensive Arcane. There's also a build I've been meaning to compare using Hunter's + Guardian x2 but I don't think the build will work well under lvl 150 and with Adaptation + Ancient Healer you'll cap out her DPS either way you approach it.



I plan to revisit her with Mesa prime but that should give you an idea. Trying to use Umbra mods will make it very hard to fit a Power Range build though I guess you can always have two Mesas. This would be something for Umbra mods though I don't think she needs that much Defense at the expense of a build option. https://goo.gl/j8vv3J

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