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Customization Syncing Bug


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Has anyone else had all their customization on their warframes and weapons reset? I know for a fact customization doesn't transfer to other PCs. What you do on your main computer won’t be what you have on your laptop, for example. FYI, I don't know if someone else already has a thread on this topic, so I'm sorry if you have already read something similar to this.


So here's what happened: I told a friend of mine about Warframe because I luv this game. (My Grand Master Founder Badge says enough) So he downloaded it and updated it, and I thought I'd log-in to my master rank 7 (Disciple) account to show him the ropes and what's to come. I noticed my Nova's color scheme and my weapons were all set as the default, not my personal one. (I've bought many color packs, and I've spent about $280+ on this game) I knew this was all normal. I let him chose the colors because I knew it wouldn't affect me.


So here's where I noticed something went wrong. The next day (Today) I logged-in to my account on my home PC and I noticed that all my color scheme for my warframes and weapons were what my friend set them as that day I showed him. (To clear things up, he doesn't know my password and he didn't hack me) I am SO frustrated right now! I have my own customization setup for every single one of my 51 weapons and 7 warframes, and now they're all gone. For some reason what we did with my account on my friends laptop synced with my home PC! Why??? Is this a bug? Was this included in a new update? Why didn't my custom setup sync to my friends laptop? If that was the case I wouldn't have let him change anything.


So now I have to go back and change every, single, item back to my personal color scheme, manually. And I know you probably think customization isn't that major or important, and you'd be right. But it's the frustration of going back and changing every item one, by, one. If the process was easier it wouldn't be too big of a deal for me, and I wouldn't have to waste my time writing this topic.


I think I've made my point. If anyone has any answers, please post a reply down below.

For any further things DE should consider changing with the game, (UI mainly) please watch this YouTube video by akamikeb.

"Warframe - Quality of Life"




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