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War Within is broken?


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The War Within quest is a very fun quest. As I've personally experienced on Xbox One and PS4. However, as currently doing on PC a problem arose. The key-binds are not present... I truly feel that Warframe is one of the best games, but how does one proceed if one is stuck and the keybindings for operators is not present? Warframe's basic keybindings are as: default, archwing, lunaro, decoration placement, and frame fighter as of now (Dec 11, 2018). How does one proceed when the only available item is ____ or nothing. The problem arose when one has to use the void blast ability. The only icon expressed is a text bar that says Press. Which I'm unsure is my account's name but shortened.  The basic void blast key-bind should be E, but is not present (For reference).

Someone please help I don't want to look at this screen of my operator very discontent forever... 

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