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Question regarding Sortie and Rivens


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Lately I was thinking why I almost never receive any rivens (last one was about a month ago), even though I'm doing sorties every day and they have solid 27% chance of dropping.

My first guess was more of a tinfoil hat theory, "where the more rivens I have and the closer I am to maxing out capacity, the less of a chance I have for rivens." Some kind of gradual %. No way to test it, because tbh I'd need hundreds of days (and there would still be someone dismissing my experiment with "not enough data".

But then I though about something else.

If you ever max out your rivens, you get notification that you won't receive more, untill you make space for them. So......

What if whenever you play Sortie with random with filled riven capacity, they disable riven drop from reward list for whole squad?

Anyone has some experience with going over the riven cap? Or some notification the like "you cannot get Sortie reward because you don't have space for a riven mod"?


I know all of this could be just one huge RNG joke. I just wonder if that's the case :)

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5 minutes ago, deothor said:


Unfortunately it's awful RNG. The percentages don't really mean guaranteed once hit that threshold.

That said, a riven CAN and WILL drop even if you are at max capacity. Once you earn the riven, it will go to your inventory as unveiled and your mods will show a warning next to the riven capacity fraction. If you plan to unveil it then it will require you to purchase more slots via a dialogue box (I don't think you can even equip it until those slots are open, but not sure). Not sure if you can do this more than once though.

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