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Warframe - Cephalon Voice


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This would be a voice module that Tenno can use before reaching the Second Dream quest. The Cephalon Voice would be a way players can hear the voices of the tenno without them talking. Kind of like a translator without the Cephalon having to hear the voice. The Cephalon voice would be similar to the ones in Conclave with the capture the flag cephalons having their own dialogue when the player carries them around. The Cephalon voice could be Ordis out other ones obtainable by perhaps Darvo due to him never selling something worthwhile. The voices will mostly be used for when the tenno have dialogue in quests which they can not talk. The voices can perhaps even talk on their own during missions like, "Be quiet" in stealth missions and more. They can be like a talking companion that can be a fun addition as well as adding to fashion frame with having a Macho Voice go with a Macho frame and so on. They can also be a wearable item that shows the cephalon talking and translating. The speech can also relate to how Hammond has the robot say stuff like "He says Hi". All in all I just want to have more company in my lonely solo missions.

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