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I tried to sell my Tiberon Prime Set to a player who was Mastery Rank 15. (Tiberon Prime requires MR14) It wouldn't allow me to sell it at first stating the person's Mastery was too low.
After canceling the trade and retrying, we were able to complete the trade.

I think this is a crucial bug.

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So I just got two back to back Redeemer Prime Handle components (Rather proud of myself about that) and I put them up on warframe.market and I waited in our dojo like I usually do. Then I get a request to buy one of them. So I invite them to the dojo and the trade begins smoothly. When out of nowhere I get a notification asking to resume the trade later because they left. This wasn't uncommon to me because it has happened once before so I clicked resume later. That trade never happened later because while waiting for "later" to come, another person came by and picked one of the handles up. I still had one handle left, or so I thought, so when another person came by to pick the other handle up, I started receiving messages when I tried to click on it that read something along the lines of "You no longer own this item" or something like that. They patiently waited for me to log out and login again but when I came back, the handle isn't even in my inventory anymore. What I am starting to wonder is if that interrupted trade ended up giving the handle to the first buyer for free but never took it out of my inventory. I never got a second trade and I am really upset about it at the moment. They were both worth 60 platinum and I lost one to what I believe to be a petty thief. If anyone has any suggestions as to what I can do about this please let me know.

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