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Hydra Pluto Sortie Mission - Defense


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So the defense mission for the Sortie today bugged twice on us resulting in being unable to finish the mission. The last mob didn't spawn on the 2nd to last wave, or spawned behind a wall, under the floor...who knows. The host left so it spawned the wave again, same thing happened. 


I hate to flame here but I am absolutely unable to understand how this is still an issue when it's existed literally for years. Absolutely unreal that this hasn't gotten your attention. This should be such an incredibly simple fix...if the last mobs in the game haven't made it to the target or engaged with a player, start bleeding the mob's health until it dies or engages. Limit this condition to the last 3 or so mobs so it can't be exploited. Dungeon Defenders solved this problem just like this, this is not an impossible problem to fix whatsoever. This is a problem that was solved by other games YEARS ago. What's impossible is understanding how you guys still haven't fixed this. It also has always seemed to happen on Defense Sorties for what it's worth. So until you fix it STOP FREAKING HAVING DEFENSE SORTIES. Good lord. 

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