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WTS CC/Multshot/-Impact S+/A rated Catchmoon

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Catchmoon Critacan

+202.4% Critical Chance  -  204.2% is cap 

+156.9% Multishot  -  162.9% is cap (Semlar.com)

-60.3% Impact  -  -65.3% is cap 


Bar Polarity, MR8, 32 rolls. 


Weapon will always fire at least 4 projectiles, aides in spread. 171.3% CC (with primed mods) means ~3/4 of your projectiles will orange crit. Near maximum Critical chance on the riven ensures the DPS gain from the stat. Impact negative helps raise the ISP for status builds such as corrosive and gas setups (even radiation if you'd like crowd control). 


C/O is 4.5k Plat. B/O is 7k. PM Offers here, or ingame.


Thanks Tenno, Happy Hunting. 

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