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Foundry Build Time Remaining Not Counting Down In Real-Time For Warframes


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The Issue:

If I look at my in progress builds in the foundry it shows the time left to complete Garuda but the number remains static until I exit the foundry and reopen it, the timer then seems to update to show the new time remaining but it is a static value again and the seconds aren't counting down in real time. I'm not sure if it's ticking down correctly as it's hard to get an accurate time estimate from just opening and closing the foundry repeatedly however it seems to be reducing time accurately when repeatedly checking.

In case that was a poor explanation; If I'm looking at my builds in progress it will show that Garuda has #d #h #m 50s remaining and that value won't change while I'm looking at it, then if I were to exit the foundry and check again 30 seconds later it would show #d #h #m 20s remaining.

Initial Testing/ Isolating The Bug:

Closing the game and logging back in does not affect the timer, it still shows a static value when viewing the progress upon re-logging.

Build timers for things that aren't Warframes count down in real time with no issue. I tested with a [10x Large Energy Restore] and then Chassis/ Neuroptics/ Systems for Oberon and the remaining time counted down second by second accurately. I wanted to see if it was just Garuda or if it was Warframes in general that had an issue with the timers so I rushed the Oberon components and started his build and found that the Oberon build timer is also not counting down while looking at it in the foundry.

I'm assuming it would be the same result for any/every other frame but I'd rather not waste any more platinum rushing components for Warframes I already own to confirm this. I probably should have just spent 50 plat to rush Garuda instead of spending 75 for all the Oberon parts but I've got plat to spare and I love you guys so I wanted to make this report as thorough as possible so it's hopefully easier to track down the issue.

Possibility That This Could Be a More Than Just a UI Bug:

I also think the Garuda build is taking more time than it's supposed to but I can't remember the exact date/time I started the build so the build timer might be counting down accurately despite not updating the remaining time while viewing it in the foundry. It feels like I should have more progress on the build than I currently do but maybe I'm just impatient and think I started the build sooner than I actually did.

I started the Oberon build at about 12:30am EST on 12/12 so it should be done ~12:30am on 12/15. Just mentioning this to have a control variable to make sure the builds are being completed in the time they are supposed to and they aren't taking more than 72 hours.

Possible Requisite Conditions To Reproduce:

I built and collected all three components for Garuda at the same time and began building the Warframe immediately after. I claimed a forma while Garuda was building. I don't think I had anything else building simultaneously with Garuda until I tested building the energy restore and Oberon/ his components. I didn't pay attention to the Garuda build timer until today so I don't know if the issue existed when I began the build or if it appeared some time afterword.

Those conditions might not have anything to do with the bug but from my experience unit testing and bug fixing programs at work I'd say it's helpful to have as much information regarding the problem as possible.

Possible Causes:

This is all speculative from here out, I don't know what's going on behind the scenes in the game so it may not be relevant at all but this is the only thing I can think of that would have caused an issue with my foundry recently.

In short, I think the bug is caused by some issue with the foundry/crafting requirements and interactions needed to progress the Octavia's Anthem quest and the fact that those requirements aren't handled the same way upon revisiting the quest. The fact that I cancelled the quest part of the way through replaying it may or may not be a factor.

I replayed part of the Octavia's Anthem quest on 12/10 (Garuda was in progress at this time) and I cancelled the playthrough of the quest after aborting the mission to get the second song fragment on Lua (the Sentients that must be defeated before acquiring the second song fragment spawned ~1200m away towards the mission start point and I didn't feel like running back to kill them to advance the objective so I aborted and didn't feel like running it again or finishing the quest after that).

The quest requires the player to build the Mandachord before advancing to the missions to collect song fragments, but I've completed the quest before and already built the Mandachord so it progresses immediately to the song fragment missions without having to do anything with the foundry prior.

I assume the initial playthrough of the quest checks that the player has the Mandachord Body, Fret, and Bridge from the first mission and consumes them and the blueprint when they build the Mandachord, the game then see's that the player has the Mandachord in their inventory and unlocks the next mission.

In subsequent playthroughs of the quest the player isn't given another Mandachord blueprint or any of its components because it's already been done before so the quest doesn't need the same checks on the foundry interaction and inventory requirements to progress.

Maybe the way the quest interacts with and checks the foundry and inventory for progression on subsequent playthroughs is causing a conflict with the part of the foundry that's supposed to update the in progress timer for Warframes in real time. Maybe quitting at the point I did causes problems with those interactions. Maybe crafting Octavia is a factor since it consumes the Mandachord from the inventory and the player can't craft another.

Maybe none of that is relevant, in which case I hope I haven't wasted too much of your time.

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Accidentily submitted before I was done testing and writing the report
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