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orb vallis massive FPS spikes


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i didn't find any real recent threads on this issue but i've been having massive FPS issues in orb vallis since launch. it also used to be in the fortuna relay but that seems to have stabilized.

this is getting really annoying though, i can't do any bounties greater than the lvl20-30 ranges because the framerate drops cause freezes and near-crashes, which don't seem to affect any enemies so they keep shooting at me at while i'm stuck at 5fps drops and before you know it i, an MR20, have just bitten the dust to a level 15 moa (which is pretty sad LOL 😞)

i really really don't want to get into any PC master race elitism discussions about this but i'll just say: my computer is not a potato. (and even then, warframe is a FREE to play game and doesn't require heavy minimum reqs anyways). i have a stable 60fps everywhere else and tend to play on medium-high settings instead of maxed. so it's just orb vallis where my fps radically oscillates between 0-15 fps before bouncing back to 50-60 for a minute or two.

i've turned down/off any lighting or small settings that might affect framerate and i've gotten nothing, orb vallis is just an FPS nightmare. i can't even fish. and i haven't progressed at ALL with the ventkids because the spikes prevent me from using the k-drive at all. i know fortuna content is still basically new but, idk, like i'd really like to play it properly sometime soon D:

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