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Host Migration of death exploit


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I was just in a excavation fissure mission, and the team was mostly normal except for one Volt who was a mastery rank 1 with the basic MK1 gear named QuicklyGibbed. We had done around 3-4 rotations and were about to leave. Then it turned out that QuicklyGibbed was the host, and promptly left juuuust as the relic selection ended. After a host migration, everyone who was left was left frozen in place. I reported QuicklyGibbed, but there isn't much selection for reports. QuicklyGibbed had the least to loose, since he never used a relic the entire game. (Luckily, no one got anything past a uncommon drop, but one guy ran out of the relics he was working on for one common part that he didn't have.) Is there a better way to report this obvious troll? It's obvious that this guy knows what he's doing and is using an alt account to avoid loosing anything important.

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