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So much ore you could build a...


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So I've noticed a lot of the time when i'm in Cetus and the plains, or Fortuna and the Vallis, i'm starting to gather so much ore that i don't know what to do with it all. I don't really need any zaws at this point as I have what i'm comfortable with, and the Kitguns I made are banging, so what am I going to do with all this ore? And then there are a few cases where I have an odd amount of refined ore sitting in my inventory, (who needs 15 Axidrol when most of the time its 20 or above). Yeah there are shops that you can trade these for items but lets face it, how many debt bonds of the high teirs are you going to need once you're at max Solaris United rank with all the items bought and built. Or why should you really collect so much Pyrotic alloy when you've got all of Nakak's masks, and how many caged Condrocs do you need? Quite frankly i'm getting so much that I don't think even my clan would have use for all this ferros and coprun.

Perhaps we could have some use for unused ores and refined metals that we collect in excess? Maybe trade them to their respective planet's mining expert for standing, like gems? Or perhaps something a bit more special like a collective 'Ore & Metal collector' society who can then give us some unique rewards? Honestly, I can believe that someone out there could use this stuff, but we just don't have the ability to give it to anyone who might actually need it, like the factions who probably use it to repair their homes and equipment.

thoughts anyone?

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