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Warframe: Apocalypse of The Void (PART 1) WIP


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This concept involves a new area, a quest, a new series of warframes, and a new reward system related to the new area. Lore will be added, as will more details 

Warframe: Apocalypse of The Void 

Years after the end of the war with the sentient, a labyrinth hidden within the void was seemingly lost, until now. Baro Ki'teer has found what he believes to be the long lost Vault of Ballas. Fearing what might be hidden within, the Tenno have been asked to explore and find the secrets hidden by the vault. 

The Quest 

The player will receive a message in their inbox asking them to meet Baro on the Strata relay (Larunda relay on ps4). Once the player talks to Baro, he will inform the player of his most recent discovery while on his last expedition to the void. The legendary Vault of Ballas, a secret workshop were many warframes were manufactured. 

Upon reaching the vault, the player will see Baro's research base. The players ship will dock with the base and see a short cutscene of Baro talking with a member of his crew. You'll approach Baro and he'll tell you about the Vault and the labyrinth that surrounds it. The labyrinth is filled with many enemies and some that have never been seen before, all within an ever shifting maze. Though Baro isn't sure what exactly lies within the the vault but he believes it to be very important and powerful. 

The player will be sent to explore the first level of the labyrinth which will be a relatively low level. After the first level is completed the next will be unlocked, each level will be an increase in difficulty compared to the last, until all 4 levels are completed. Upon the last level being completed the vault will finally be opened. 

The player will enter the vault and search the area for whatever Baro might be looking for that is so "important." That's when the player will see it, a new warframe suspended in a gravity well bound by chains of void energy. Baro will than start begging you to investigate it and free the warframe from its prison. 

After the warframe is freed it will begin to attack the player, a battle will ensue and once the frame is defeated it will start to shine brightly than vaporize into energy. Baro will be disappointed with this but say that this discovery is well worth the effort that was put in. The player will then receive the blueprint for the warframe, and the labyrinth will be open to be explored again and drop the other components for the warframe.

After the completion of the warframe, more Vaults will be unlocked within the void. Some will carry special rewards such as relic packs and other rare items. Eventually a vault will open up with the next Apocalypse Frame inside. And so on until all the frames have been collected by the player, after that they will be removed from the rewards pool of the vaults and instead rare mods will take their place.

The New Rewards

The vault will have drops for a few new resources that will be tradable with Baro. These resources will be prisma flakes and exalted shards. These can be traded for rare mods, cosmetics, and ducats (Nothing that is within the regular Baro items he brings weekly).

5 Prisma Flakes can be traded for 1 ducat. 

1 Exalted Shard can be traded for 5 ducats. 

Prisma Flakes and Exalted Shards can also be traded for rare mods that aren't normally obtainable from vendors and for special cosmetics. To be continued...

The 1st Warframe 


A Female based warframe covered in heavy armor and with a hood covering the head. The frame also has two large gauntlets on each arm. Wrath is the first of 4 warframes, each representing one of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse.


Health- 160 (480 at max rank) 

Shields- 110 (330 at max rank)

Armor- 300 

Energy- 90 (135 at max rank)

Sprint Speed- 0.95


Passive- Based on whatever stance is equipped in melee slot when no weapon is selected determines what form Wrath's Fury will take.

Fury can be a sword, a war hammer, a whip, or two bladed tonfas. (Default when using a separate melee weapon is a sword)

1-Fracture- Wrath swings Fury in a circle and slashes all enemies within its radius (depending on whatever melee form it's in). This ability can be charged to increase damage and extend the amount of swings. Enemies affected by this ability grant 5% health back.

2-Quake- Wrath slams the ground with both fists and sends out a large cone affect that damages enemies and stuns them. Enemies that are killed by this ability drop health orbs and explode with void energy.

3-Cleave- Wrath launches forward with Fury and impales any enemies caught within its line of effect. Enemies that are caught by this ability grant health back to Wrath. Any enemies that survive this ability are launched backwards and have a chance to explode with void energy if the come within a 3 meter radius of other enemies.

4-Desolation- Wrath turns into her Desolation form, her armor will become cracked and release plumes of fire. In this form she will wield Fury in it's true form, a large axe weapon that leaves a trail of fire when swung. In this form Wrath deals extra damage and causes enemies to explode on death. Wrath also gains a 15% speed boost in this form. 

The 2nd Warframe


A Male warframe, skinny in nature and covered in small asymmetrical holes that leak small amounts of gas. Famine is the second warframe of 4, each representing one of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse.


Health- 100 (300 at max rank)

Shields- 75 (225 at max rank)

Armor- 80

Energy- 130 (195 at max rank) 

Sprint Speed- 1.1


Passive- Famine is equipped with a bow named Misey, the bow is made of energy that forms from two large holes on his left forearm. Misery takes the place of the primary weapon when none is equipped.

1-Fumigate- Famine releases toxins from his body that infuses all equipped weapons with 25% bonus gas damage and increases status chance by 15%. Bonuses are applied to allies with affinity range as well.

2-Sludge- Famine rockets radioactive sludge from his body in all directions. The sludge melts enemy armor and causes them to explode into the sludge on death while affected by this ability.

3-Vapor- Famine fills the current room he's in with toxic gas that slowly damages enemies and slows their movements. Status chance for all damage forms from allies is increased by 20%.

4-Plague- Famine becomes a walking disease and turns into his Plague form and weilds Misery. While in this form Famine gains 35% armor and 100% status chance. Misery takes it's true form as a large rapid fire bow thats bolts explode into sludge on impact.

The 3rd Warframe


Rout is a slender but tall Male warframe covered in ornate detailing with a large "scale" on each shoulder blade. Rout is the third of 4 warframes, each one representing one of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. 


Health- 145 (435 at max rank)

Shields- 110 (330 at max rank)

Armor- 100

Energy- 100 (150 at max rank) 

Sprint Speed- 1.0


Passive- Rout has two scales, one measures damage taken (red) while the other measures damage dealt (blue). As the red fills armor increases, as blue fills ability damage increases. Rout is also equipped with dual pistols, one in each of the palms of his hands. The pistols, Conquest and Triumph, take the place of the secondary when none is equipped.

1-Overflow- On tap of cast button, Rout uses 1 charge of the red scale to heal Rout and all allies within range. On cast button being held, Rout uses 1 charge of the blue scale to boost weapon damage on Rout and all allies within range.

2-Judgment- Rout launches a charged ball of energy from his hands that has separate effects depending on which scale is higher. Red scale being higher will cause the energy ball to split and seek out near by enemies and stun them leaving them open for finishers and more susceptible to damage. Blue scale being higher will cause the energy ball to grow in size and turn into a mini nuke on what ever surface it hits first.

3-Reset- Rout uses all available scale charges to send out a large shockwave from his body. The shockwaves strength is dependent on how many charges where used while casting. The shockwave will push enemies backwards while dealing damage over time, while also healing allies and reviving anyone that is downed.

4-Victorious- Rout turns into his Victory form gaining increased armor, health, and weilds his two pistols. Conquest and Triumph take their true forms and cause their magazines to multiply around Routs forearms in a circular pattern, increasing its magazine capacity by 5 times what it was before. The scales on Routs back build up quicker while this ability is active.

The 4th Warframe


(WIP) more details to come soon 

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5 minutes ago, (XB1)AxRollxOfxTape said:

Are you implying that I don't have work being put into my ideas? 

If all you write is "bump", it's easy to get that impression.

If you've been editing, a good idea is to write what you've done, either as an update post, or in the "reason for editing" field. That way we can avoid misunderstandings.

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7 minutes ago, HugintheCrow said:

If all you write is "bump", it's easy to get that impression.

If you've been editing, a good idea is to write what you've done, either as an update post, or in the "reason for editing" field. That way we can avoid misunderstandings.

Well I did edit it at 3 in the morning and than corrected it before work and didn't bother putting in any reasons because I didn't have time. Not everyone has the time to waste on minor details. 

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