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Fortuna excavation: Power packs not spawning?


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First had this issue when trying to complete Fortuna questline about a week ago. Went into do the excavation mission and no power packs spawned. I gave it a bit of time (10-15 mins) assuming it was just part of the story to the quest but ended up failing because it was left too long and it got attacked too much. Went back in to repeat that part of the questline and power packs came after a small wait.
I haven't done too many Fortuna bounties since and every other time since I have also partied up with other people and the power packs for excavation spawned as required.

Today I went to solo some Fortuna bounties again and this happened. Excavation, 10 minutes killing things with nothing dropping power packs. Ended up leaving Orb Vallis with extractor still up but no power.

Anybody else getting this? Especially while solo?

NB: Issue appears to have been fixed in latest hotfix 

Edited by Elyahh
hotfix change fixed issue
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