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Launcher stuck at checking for new content

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this happened to me like , 3 days ago and it goes like this 
 - so i booted the game normally , 10 mb update finished it , and got into the game , i was setting up my mods and stuff and then for some reason i got a blue screen and my pc crashed , then i rebooted my pc and launched warframe , and it comes to this ; am stuck at "checking for new content"

   now , what i suspected was that the files got corrupted , but thats not the case , since i did both " verifying download cache" (wich also gets stuck btwand i left it for like , 6 hours and nothing happened) and i also tried reinstalling the whole thing and still stuck on the checking for new content , so no , its not bcz the files got corrupted
   so , after looking into the internet , ppl that had this problem were all saying the same things ; -its either u reboot the launcher(doesnt work)  -enable warframe in the firewall(doesnt work) -reinstall(doesnt work) therefore i thought to myself maybe its bcz of my computer since all the complaints about this error were old , but only to find out that others still get this problem after updates even lately just like u , am still trying to find a solution , i just hope this gets fixed

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I was in another city not in my home and internet was awful. I did come back home in Thursday and when I open the launcher it did download 2 mb after that problem was solved 🙂 I think problem is from internet. I did read that people are using vpn to solve this problem but I didnt try that. I hope you can solve your problem too.

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