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Moa aggresion levels


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so we have moa companions. yay. (I hope we can push one of the legs to be osprey wings)  and just like with my kubrow training idea I have something to toss onto moa's that are a bit more...simpler.

atm no matter the personality moa's act they tend to kinda try to stick with you. but Im using my lovely top hat and honestly...I feel like the abilities are wasted standing there behind me. but what if we have a way to choose there aggression level...and no not with personality modules  ((those cost plat and that would be so not cool to lock a semi-important feature behind a pay wall))

the idea is there weapons. have the weapons decide were they want to stand in the field ((also fixing the AI a little so they stop just shotting the wall))

would be simple and make sense.

Sweeper,Deth machine rifle would have them closer to the enemy ((preferably infront of you)) would let our stasis stomper actually go aggro.
Vulklok and vulcax type weapons would have them stand a bit further from enemies. prefering to snipe...would be useful for one that just toss out damage
and of course the rest of our standard weaponry having them behave like normal. moving around in close proximity to the player but not fleeing from close enemies.

ya...its short today...thats all I got for you this time. but its here now.

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