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Small (realistic) Wukong rework


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Wukong Rework:

Stats.      More Health: 300 > 400, (unique) but less Shields 375 > 200, (unique)
Passive.  Faster build up of the combo counter (less enemies needed) and much slower loss (takes much longer before it starts counting down and continues per level)

1st.    Bit more damage (1000) and added a little puncture next to the impact (100).
          Enemies hit who are dead on impact will be send flying in the direction of Wukongs jab and knock down enemies in their path.
          Enemies hit who survive are stunned (bruce lee style) and are temporarly open to finisher damage.



            Enemies around the stunned / directly-hit-enemy, fall to the ground in slow motion giving Wukong a bit more time to do ground-finishers on them.

2nd.    Remains largely the same ("passively" improved already due to more health)
            When defy procs Wukong becomes immortal temporarly but also goes into a hyped rage with 10% more power strength/range for every defy proc'd within X amount of time.

3rd.    Cloudwalker goes a bit faster by default and goes faster still when holding the sprint key (sprint upgrading mods help when using this as well)
           Enemies can be flown through, leaving behind some cloud/mist which reduces the affected enemy's accuracy
           power strength influences the percent accuracy reduction,
           power range changed the size of the cloud around wulkong meaning you have a larger cloud area to affect enemies with but not a larger "core" so spy missions
           dont become harder/affected negatively,
           power duration affects how long the enemy stays "blind"
           Wukong can protect allies by positioning himself when cloud-walking over a target, enemies shooting in Wukong's direction will pretty much always miss
           (a bit like Zephyrs turbulance ability).
           (so for example when an ally is down and another is helping them up, Wukong can go in Cloudwalker mode, fly over there and hover over/next to them to protect them during this act)

4th.    Groundfinisher is now a heavy stomp straight down with the Iron Staff, unleashing a big shockwave that obliterate closeby enemies with massive damage
           (this will look a bit like the channeling effect, enemies just vanish in the air from the hit),
           Slam attack pulls enemies closer and temporarly stuns them.
           Adds 100% fire damage to Iron Jab

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