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please consider changing the bloodshed regalia


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I bought the garuda package solely for the bloodshed regalia because I thought is looked awesome, particularly on Limbo. I felt it served a different purpose; it didn't just look like blood, it looked like rift energy. Anyway, after realizing it disappears after leaving the arsenal, I did a bit of research and found out that it is only activated by taking a certain amount of damage. That means that I will NEVER see it on the frame I bought it for, because limbo doesn't do taking damage. I feel like this is a big oversight. Maybe people who keep themselves well informed on the game through news posts or youtube videos may have known this, but surely im not the only one to make this mistake, I genuinely feel ripped off. I hope DE decides to change it in some form or fashion. Maybe instead of damage taken, it could activate after a certain number of kills....

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31 minutes ago, (PS4)tissot555 said:

bloodshed regalia

All in all, will be good that u can change energy of regalia, but you cant.

So that regalia will stays RED colored until you change frames energy.

And buying bundle just cuz of regalia is so stupid.....that mistake u are confirmed.

But from own mistakes u can learn that u never again buy nothing similar in this game.

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