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[Suggestion] Nekros's Shadows of the Dead addition.


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Hello fellow Tenno, I hope RNG find you well,

we all love us a good Nekros in the party, while farming, don't we? But there is more to Nekros than just his ability to squeeze out more loot out of enemies. His Shadows of the Dead is very useful not only because it is a distraction and will take off some heat off of you. It can also act as a shield for Nekros with his augment. 

But personally, I feel like this ability can do more other than causing a distraction. I'm talking strategy! How about giving the ability also the option via holding the button to SWITCH between 4 different modes or rather selection methods.

Regular: This is the way the ability is functioning right now, by taking the 7 strongest enemies you've killed and letting you summon them.

Aggresive: The ability will first summon all aggresive units you've killed, like fodder and heavy units like Bombards and Corpus Techs.
Example: If you only killed 3 Bombards and 7 Drones, the ability will spawn those 3 Bombards with 4 of the Drones.

Defensive: The ability will prioritize units with defensive capabilities like Nullifiers or those Shieldfeckers that will constantly smack you essentially stunlocking you, if you were unfortunate enough to be thrown against a wall.
Example: You killed 2 Nulli's, 3 Crewman, 5 Techs, 1782349 Oxiumdrones. The Ability will spawn 2 Nulli's and the 5 Techs, since Techs are the strongest.

Supportive: The ability will revive enemies with supportive abilities, like Ancients or Shielddrones.
Exmaple: I think you get the Idea by now.

What will this do for Nekros? Well, he can choose how he want's to play. I personally would like to only summon supportive units, since the Shadows don't really contribute in terms of killing the enemy in my experience. Nekros is surprisingly useful in Orb Vallis just as a side note.

If you agree with my Idea, please upvote this thread so [DE] can get a look into this... eventually. And i just hope if this is taken into consideration that it won't be a god damned augment.

This is all for now, happy Buva and Endo farming! You'll need it.

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