Conclave QoLs that I made in a Word Doc

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Conclave QoLs 


  1. Removal of cheese weapons (Ignis, Simulors, Phantasma, Glaxion, Castanas, Blade-whips, Heavy Melee & Dagger Zaws, etc.). 

  1. Fixing and reworking certain Warframe abilities (Atlas’ Rumblers petrify duration, cooldown using Equinox’s Metamorphosis, etc.). 

  1. Markers on the mini-map for: Any Oro of an enemy killed by a player (that player sees that Oro of their killed target), Oro of the player’s last location after death, death-markers for any dead teammates and their Oro, markers for team’s Cephalon at their rest spot as well as a marker on those who have taken a Cephalon (a marker appears every 3.5 seconds on the thief’s last known location). 

  1. Captura scenes for all Conclave maps. 

  1. Return of Variant gamemodes and the introduction of new Variants. 

  1. Ability to get Conclave rewards in Orbiter. 

  1. Ability to change loadouts while pausing (players will have to die in order to switch). 

  1. Reduce Electricity proc damage. 

  1. Hire more people to work on Conclave. 

10.Buyable Oro decoration at Teshin. 

(might not be possible) - Tenno Spectors to shoot at in empty public matches (gains no standing but you would be doing something other than kneeling). 

(will never be possible) - Acknowledge its existence.

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These ideas seem like great steps for the gamemode. I would add the removal of Zaw daggers as well.

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In general good ideas as it seems to me, but a little more in detail:

1. Here I won't agree. Removal is never a good solution and shouldn't be an option. And as I remember many if not all of these weapons already have their drawbacks (especially Castanas as I played with them for some time and know how damn small their AoE is). Most of them are of low risk/low reward type (like Phantasma) which is actually good for learning the basics being a new player. So balancing maybe, but not removal.

2. Couldn't say for sure, didn't experience either of them.

3. I think this will be nice, at least more forgiving for not knowing the map.

4. I'm for it.

5. A hundred times yes.

6. A long awaited QoL change afaik.

7. Makes sense but not the most important one.

8. Can't judge here.

9. This is a tricky one. If PvE community realizes that DE's resourses go straight to so much hated Conclave, this Forums will turn into a one huge sh*tstorm.

10. Sure I'd buy a couple.

Tenno spectres - you see, the AI of Warframe is... to say the least, bad. They won't be anything but annoying target practice dummies constantly getting stuck.

2 часа назад, tmbjr2002 сказал:

Acknowledge its existence.

Whoa, you demand impossible here. Better accept what we have now, because again, PvE community is always looking for a reason to declare a holy war against Conclave.

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I feel the most  significant suggestion was

Hire more people to work on Conclave.

As of the moment, there only seems to be methods of listing issues but no way to resolve them. 

But I guess they're directing the funding for a chat moderator so the only possibility I see atm is if someone with passion for conclave, buys 51% of digital extremities and then hire the willing freelancers to push the vision.

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