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My Personal "Patch Notes"


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Before reading, I'd figured I'd let you know that this is a very long post. So if that's not your thing, now you know.

As a veteran player with 4.5 years of relatively consistent play, I’ve accumulated a pretty deep understanding of Warframe’s mechanics, functions and formulas, and so I decided to make this to see what all changes I could come up with that I feel would benefit gameplay and the warframes themselves. So this is something I have been working on for the past three weeks or so. It is essentially the “patch notes” of all my dream changes and it reads just like you would expect typical patch notes to read. I know the vast majority of these changes are unrealistic considering how many there are, but I still knew I’d have fun in creating them. I am fully aware not everyone will agree with these changes. If you voice a disagreement with something, there is literally nothing to be gained by being rude about it. I’m just saying, yo 

Overall I enjoyed making this and I learned quite a bit along the way. If you're actually crazy enough to read through this whole thing, or instead just want skip to your favorite frames (CTRL + F), let me know what you think. The total time I spent creating this list, combining research and reading, brainstorming, opening and closing literally hundreds of wiki tabs, using my calculator app, Simulacrum testing, writing and rewriting, along with proofreading, is somewhere around 75 hours.

Increase the effect of certain damage types to bring them more up to par with others, ensure all abilities are useful in multiple situations, ensure that all warframes have ability synergy and that augments are more worthy of their mod slot, keeping all changes as thematic to the frames as possible.

Some warframes received many changes while others who I found to be in a better place did not. These aren’t the first changes that popped into my head. Not remotely. Most warframe changes went through multiple iterations whether due to being too simplistic or too complex before getting them to where I wanted them. Many changes on certain frames would also spark desired changes on others, so the whole process was very much back and forth with constant adjustments. I also took the time to try looking up what other players were saying about different warframes and abilities on various sites to get a feel for the general desired changes beyond just my own, as well as being glued to the wiki at all times to keep things in line.



Added a slider in the options menu that allows you to set what you want your maximum Sprint Speed to be. This is for those who feel they are overly sped up by abilities that increase this stat. You can also select if want your own abilities that increase Sprint Speed to be affected by this limiter, or only the buffs that your allies provide to you. 


Damage Types not listed received no changes.

Status > Bleed - All damage dealt from a Bleed Proc's direct hit, as well as all secondary instances of its DOT, are now 100% Slash damage. Bleed damage still bypasses shields. Slash damage now has -25% Damage Effectiveness against Ferrite armor, down from -15%. (This is obviously a dramatic change to Slash, but as long as Slash procs deal True damage, it will continue to have no competition. With this change, I'm sure other aspects of the game would have to be altered in some way, but the True damage component, in my opinion, needs to go regardless before damage types can become truly competitive with one another.

Status > Weaken - Increased duration to 8 seconds up from 6. Damage-Output Reduction increased to 35%, up from 30%. Enemies affected by Weaken now also take 10% increased damage from all sources.

Status > Knockback - In addition to its normal stagger, the hit that caused the Knockback has its damage increased by 100%. Reasoning - Its stun duration is similar to the length of Ignite's Panic, but unlike Ignite it doesn't have a DOT. Impact damage now has +25% Damage Effectiveness against Ferrite armor, up from a 0% bonus, making the damage type a bit more effective against the Grineer and Corrupted factions (Currently Impact only has increased damage effectiveness against Robotic enemies and Shields)

Status > Ignite - Since the DOT cannot stack like Bleeding and Poison, a weaker Ignite proc now adds 3 seconds to the duration of the more damaging Ignite. A stronger Ignite will still apply over the current one for its full 6 second duration as normal. The maximum duration of Ignite is still 6 seconds regardless of the number of applications.

Status > Freeze - Changed status name to "Chill", as to not cause confusion with the actual solid freezing of enemies by certain abilities. Solid freezing is now labeled as "Freeze" instead.

Status > Tesla Chain - Tesla Chain now has a radius of 4 meters up from 3.

Magnetic damage now has +25% increased Damage Effectiveness against Robotic enemies, up from 0%.


If an ability or augment wasn’t listed, that means I believed it worked well enough as it was.
Warframe order is in release order. Warframes released simultaneously are in the order in which their primes were released instead.

Base Changes = [BA]     Passive = [PA]     Ability = [A1]  [A2]  [A3]  [A4]     Augment = [G1]  [ G2]  [G3]  [G4]



Damage and Attack Speed bonuses are now calculated as a separate multiplier after all mods instead of being additive with mod bonuses to provide a more noticeable effect.  


Removed. Melee 3.0 is removing the Melee Combo Counter and Channeling functionality. New Augment - DEVOURING DASH - Slash Dash now restores 20 Health with each enemy hit. The restored Health is affected by Ability Strength.


The base damage has increased from 250 to 500, but the ability is no longer affected by the Combo Counter.


Ember seems to be one of the most debated warframes when it comes to receiving changes. I didn’t want to completely remove abilities and replace them with new ones. That said, with the Overheat mechanic that was added to her World On Fire, many feel her “endgame” potential was hurt far more than her low-level mass-killing capability, especially when you consider that many frames still have huge radial nukes capable of instantly killing enemies through walls at far distances. I agree with this and took it into consideration.


Ignite statuses caused by Ember's weapons and abilities now deal 75% of the initial hits damage per instance of damage instead of 50%. Additionally, the duration of the Ignite status from Heat damage has a 50% reduced duration on Ember. 


Charge mechanic removed. The 5 meter range of both the explosion and the lingering flames are now affected by Ability Range, but have a minimum range of 5 meters and maximum of 10. Direct hit damage increased to 800, up from 400. The explosion deals 250 damage, up from 120, and now has a 100% chance to Ignite all enemies. The damage of the Lingering Flames is now 100 a second instead of 80 and has a 25% chance to proc Ignite per damage instance.


Holding the ability key down now applies 50% of the added Heat damage to Ember's own weaponry. The added Heat damage can no longer combine with other elements.


Along with causing enemies to take increased Heat damage, Ignite statuses on Accelerated targets do not reduce in duration. Enemies will instead burn until Accelerant no longer affects them, at which point the Ignite's duration will resume. 


The radius of the ring is now 6 meters, up from 4, still unaffected by Ability Range. Only one ring can now be active at a time and a new cast of the ability will remove the previous ring. Because the ring can no longer stack due to being limited to one, the added Heat damage applied to weapons by shooting through the ring has been increased to 100%, up from 50%, still unaffected by Ability Strength. This added damage no longer combines with other elements. The ring now always Ignites an enemy who comes in contact with it for the first time. Every instance of damage thereafter has a 35% chance to Ignite, unaffected by Ability Strength.


Reworked. This Augment no longer brings the ring’s Ignite chance from 0% to 100%. Instead, the blast wave now causes enemies damaged by it to be Feared, making them flee in terror for 5 seconds (similar to Nekros’ Terrify), affected by Ability Duration. The Fear effect cannot be reapplied to the same enemy until the previous Fear has ended.


Explosions always occur 4 times a second instead of being dependent on the number of enemies within range. Base Ignite chance increased to 55%, up from 35%, and is still affected by Ability Strength. This means that 100% Ignite chance is now achievable with 182% Ability Strength. Overheat now only increases damage by 100% and energy drain by 100%. The base radius of World On Fire remains at 15 meters, but Ability Range can only increase it to a maximum of 25 meters. (Currently an Ember using World On Fire with 280% Ability Range and 100% Overheat has a range of 21 meters for comparison)

Sidenote: I also thought about keeping the range at 15 and allowing it to get up to 42 with 280% Ability Range as it was before the Overheat mechanic was added, but instead make World On Fire require Line Of Sight with the enemy. This would heavily improve her CC ability against enemies that could actually damage her but also prevent her from killing enemies that are rooms away in lower level missions. Your thoughts?


Removed. New Augment - SMELTING FISSURE - (World On Fire’s increased Ignite chance and Overheat range allows for much better Crowd Control innately with the constant application of Ignite's Panic). Enemies hit by World On Fire now have 35% of their Armor removed for 7 seconds, affected both by Ability Strength and Ability Duration. Additional hits do not stack, but do refresh the duration.


Mag was my very first warframe, and even after  2250+ hours of gameplay (I looked in the in-game stats tab which is dramatically different from Steam's listed 4200 hours for some reason), the non-primed Mag is still, somehow, my most used frame despite selling her when I got Mag Prime sometime in mid 2014 ❤️ I felt that Mag needed to once again become the master of dealing with enemy shields even in the "end game". I know that the Disrupt status is very, very powerful against shields which is why the devs didn't outright allow her abilities to proc it, and why they dramatically nerfed (balanced) her Polarity ability when they reworked her. For this reason, I didn't increase her ability to Disrupt shields, but rather destroy them more efficiently with Polarize in another way. I also wanted her scalability to be better all around, and her augments to really bring something to the table. Ohh, and for her passive to not be the literal definition of useless, unadulterated, meaningless, hot garbage. xD


Removed. New Passive - MAGNETIC WARD - Mag's Shield Recharge Delay is now reduced from 3 seconds to 2.0 seconds and her base shield regenerates 25% faster. Additionally, when she takes a Magnetic proc of Disrupt, she is only drained of 25 energy a second over its 4 second duration instead of the usual 62.5 a second.

[A1] - PULL

Along with the on-kill effect of having a 25% chance for an enemy to drop an additional energy orb by being killed directly by Pull, enemies also have a 15% chance to drop an additional energy orb when killed within 6 seconds of being damaged by Pull. Unaffected by Ability Strength but Affected by Ability Duration.


In addition to pulling pickups to you, enemies now killed within 6 seconds of being pulled, or by Pull itself, have a 65% chance to drop more loot. Duration is affected by Ability Duration but the extra loot chance is not affected by Ability Strength.


Holding the ability key down now manually detonates all Magnetize orbs. If a Magnetized target is still alive during the manual detonation, the orb will instead dissipate with no explosion.


Removed. New Augment - IRRADIATIVE MAGNETISM - All enemies within the initial formation of the orb now receive a Confuse proc. Every half-second instance of damage now has a 10% chance to Confuse enemies. If the primary target is killed the detonation deals 15% increased total damage as Radiation with a 50% chance to Confuse those damaged. Added damage % and Confuse chances are unaffected by Ability Strength.


All enemies hit now receive the Ferromagnetism debuff (thanks Google), causing their shields to receive 50% increased damage from all sources, affected by Ability Strength. The direct damage from the wave is applied before Ferromagnetism takes effect. An armored enemy now loses 400 units + 15% of its armor indefinitely per Polarity that damages it. Both the base units and the % are affected by Ability Strength.


In addition to base mechanics of fumbling weapons and shutting down robotics, Polarize now has a 50% chance to permanently prevent enemy guns from functioning, making them resort to being unarmed after the fumbling duration is over. The disarm chance is unaffected by Ability Strength. Additionally, the duration of the weapon fumbling and robotic shutdown has been increased to 5 seconds, up from 4.

[A4] - CRUSH

The enemy with highest max shields who was hit by the first instance of damage now has 10% of their Max Shields added as extra Magnetic damage to the third instance of damage. The % of Max Shields is not affected by Ability Strength.


Removed. New Augment - CULLING CRUSH - This ability no longer reduces an enemy's armor due to Polarize having significantly better armor stripping potential. However, enemies are still forced to remain still for 7 seconds, affected by Ability Duration. In additional to the immobilize effect, all active Magnetize orbs now do a strong 8 meter radial pull on Crush’s third instance of damage, gathering surrounding enemies into them, including those in range of the pull damaged by Crush itself. The radial pull deals 500 Magnetic damage, affected by Ability Strength. The radius of the pull is affected by Ability Range. As such, the radius of the pull is always 100% larger than the radius of Magnetize. Enemies are only pulled by the closest Magnetize to them even if they are within range of multiple Magnetisms.



Renamed - BRUNT FORCE - Retains Heavy Landing mechanics of long falls causing a shockwave. Enemies now  receive a Knockdown when you Sprint into them. Additionally, Rhino’s Knockdown procs from Blast damage now innately have 40% increased range, giving them a 7 meter radius up from 5.

[A2] - Iron Skin has received an icon equivalent to Nezha's Warding Halo to show exact Iron Skin health located just above the ability bar and ammo counter instead of being listed at the top as a buff icon as it is currently.


Maintains the guaranteed Weaken proc but now allows Roar to be recast while active. The energy cost of the recast is reduced by the % of the remaining % of the currently active Roar. Recasts have a minimum base energy cost of 25, affected by Ability Efficiency. This change allows you to utilize the effects of the radial Weaken more often instead of making you wait for Roar's duration to end, as well as letting you apply Roar's effects to allies who weren't affected by a previous cast without having to wait or go out-of-bounds. Remember that Weaken itself has been buffed to make enemies take 10% damage from all sources, adding to the effectiveness of this augment.


Now adds 100 base health to Iron Skin per enemy damaged by Rhino Stomp, up from 80.



Increased base Sprint Speed to 1.15 up from 1.0 to keep him more in line with the base speed of other innately agile warframes.


Removed. New Passive - STATIC CHARGE - Sprinting now gives you a stack of Static for every 10 meters you have covered. Each stack adds 1% increased total damage as Electricity to Volt’s weaponry and 2.5% increased total damage to Volt's abilities. This damage does not combine with other elements. Max stacks = 10. Therefore, Volt receives 10% increased weapon damage and 25% increased ability damage at maximum stacks. Stacks decay by 1 every second after not receiving a stack for 5 seconds.

[A1] - SHOCK

Damage of the chain lightning has been increased from 200 to 400. All enemies who are damaged by Shock will each shock an additional enemy after a 0.5 second delay. These secondary chains have a range of 15 meters as well, but they cannot damage enemies who were damaged by the primary chain. All enemies hit by the primary chain are also charged with lightning for 5 seconds, causing all damage dealt to them to have a 50% chance to proc Tesla Chain. The duration of the charge effect is affected by Ability Duration, but the charge's Tesla Chain proc chance is not affected by Ability Strength.


Holding the ability key down now applies 50% of the added Electric damage to Volt's weapons. The added Electric damage can no longer combine with other elements.


Increased radius to 4 meters up from 3. Remains unaffected by Ability Range. The ring can no longer break Reinforced Glass. The ring now charges Electric Shields and Tesla’d enemies from Discharge as if they were hit with Volt’s shock ability. Additionally increases the base duration of Speed to 15 seconds up from 10.


The added Electric damage from shooting through the shield no longer combines with other elements. You no longer receive a movement penalty for holding the shield. (The shield size reduction and energy cost from moving are penalty enough, honestly)


The Energy drain for allies is now affected by the ally's own Ability Efficiency. While allies are holding the shield, they now receive the weapon damage increase of Volt’s passive, Static Charge. When Volt is equipped with this augment Electric Shield now has a small icon floating above it (similar to Garuda's floating Dread Heart, but smaller) to make the ability to be picked up more noticeable to Volt’s allies.


Ash was an interesting one. He has always been in a relatively good place so I didn't need to change much. My main goal with him was to figure out how to make Blade Storm still be as close in power as it currently is without the Combo Counter that will soon be removed. I also wanted his base Shuriken to have better scaling too. I ended up getting both abilities to where I wanted them by using the exact same formula for each.


Damage is now affected by the Melee Damage mods on your Melee Weapon. This is strictly mods that increase "Melee Damage", including Rivens, and not mods that add elemental damage nor slash damage. Melee Damage from the Steel Charge aura also affects this ability.


While invisible, when you use Shuriken, you now throw out a fan of 3 blades instead of 2.


Ally invisibility range is now 7 meters up from 5, still unaffected by Ability Range.


Damage has been reduced from 2000 True damage to 1000 and is no longer affected by the Combo Counter, which will be removed with Melee 3.0. Damage is now increased by all mods that increase "Melee Damage". This is strictly mods that increase "Melee Damage", including Rivens, and not mods that add elemental damage nor slash damage. Melee Damage from the Steel Charge aura still affects this ability. Blade Storm always deals 100% True damage with a 100% chance to cause Bleeding as usual.

Math Time: Primed Point Strike + Spoiled Strike + Steel Charge + 5 Disposition Riven w/ Melee Damage = up to potentially greater than +600% additional Melee Damage. (I know there are other ways to get even more than this) This means that Blade Storm, when used with all the mods I listed, will always deal 7000 True damage with a guaranteed Bleed, which will then do an additional 30,625 True damage with the Bleed at just 100% Ability Strength. In comparison, the current Blade Storm in combination with Steel Charge and a 2.5x Combo Counter deals 8000 & 35000 damage at 100% Ability Strength. Although the damage with my changes may be lower than the ability's previous potential damage, I feel the fact that you do not need to worry about the Combo Counter mechanic whatsoever compensates for it. You might say "wow, that's a lot of damage without needed the to build up a Combo Counter". My response to that is "Peacemakers". xD


Removed due to the upcoming removal of the Combo Counter mechanic with Melee 3.0. New Augment - DEATH MARKS - When marking targets with Bladestorm, there is now a ring around the reticle that will mark a target if the ring hovers over them instead of having to directly pinpoint them with the reticle itself. Additionally, Blade Storm now deals 1500 True damage, up from 100, but you can now only mark a target twice.


Trinity is fantastic right now, and always has been. That said, her first ability is next to useless once she gets Blessing at rank 10. Therefore, I completely changed it and the equally useless augment that went with it.


Trinity now can now instantly revive her allies 3 additional times per mission. Trinity's basic revival speed is increased from a boost of 20% up to 40%, allowing her to now revive in 3 seconds, instead of her previous 4, compared to other warframe's 5.


Removed. New Ability - BRAND OF ATTRITION - When cast on a target, it and all enemies within 4 meters now have their Damage-Output reduced by 75%. Affected by Ability Duration but not affected by Ability Strength. This is a one-handed ability that can be used while performing many actions including reloading. Branded enemies who are killed always drop an additional health orb on death, with a 25% chance to drop an energy orb. Energy orb chance is not affected by Ability Strength.


Removed. New Augment - BRAND OF SALUBRITY - Brand Of Attrition now causes enemies to take 20% increased damage from all sources, affected by Ability Strength. In addition, damage dealt to branded enemies by Trinity or her allies now receives 2% Life Steal not affected by Ability Strength.


Each pulse now heals 50% of the energy restore value as health when your Energy Vampire target is also affected by Brand Of Attrition.

[A3] - LINK

If you are linked to an enemy that is affected by Brand Of Attrition, killing that enemy will also brand any other enemies connected with Link for 4 seconds, affected by Ability Duration.


[A1] - DECOY

The decoy no longer fires its weapon if there are no enemies in its line of sight that are alerted (because it's annoying as hell). The decoy is Invulnerable for the first 3 seconds and it adds 35% of the damage it received during the invulnerability period to its max health.


Reduced revive cooldown from 60 sec down to 40. Additionally, increases the total absorbed damage during the invulnerability to 100% of the absorbed value.


Along with the base effect of giving an ally 6 seconds of invulnerability after the switch occurs, switching also gives Loki 50% damage reduction for 6 seconds if he switches with an ally, decoy, or an enemy. Damage reduction is not affected by Ability Strength. If you have a Decoy out, an ally who is bleeding out who is targeted by Switch Teleport will instead switch with the Decoy instead of you. (Allowing you to in essence teleport a bleeding ally to you while leaving the enemies with a distraction. Holding the ability down will prevent you from casting Switch Teleport until your reticle targets an ally. This helps to prevent you from accidentally targeting an enemy rather than the desired ally.



Increased Prime variant's Sprint Speed to 1.00 up from .95


Increased Hit-By-Melee freeze chance to 30%. Additionally, Frost cools the air around him causing all enemies within 6 meters to be lightly Chilled and have their movement and attack speed reduced by 20%. This doesn’t stack with other Chills. Additionally, the duration of a Chill status from Cold damage has a 50% reduced duration on Frost.


Freeze now has a 5 meter radial Chill as well as a 5 meter radial Ice Patch that forms under the enemy directly hit if the enemy was grounded, or on surface contact. Directs hits will now Freeze that enemy solid. The frozen enemy will no longer have a damage threshold of 50% that breaks it from the Freeze. Instead, that enemy will remain Frozen until the ability duration ends or the enemy is killed. Duration of the Chill and Ice Patch have been lowered to 8 seconds. The Chill radius and the Ice Patch are still not affected by Ability Range.


Holding the ability key down now applies 50% of the added Cold damage to Frost's weapons. The added Cold damage cannot combine with other elements.


Cold damage remains at 700, however the wave now deals an additional 300 Puncture damage and its base range has been increased to 25 meters up from 20 to allow it to better contend with Avalanche. Ice Wave now applies a guaranteed Weaken proc along with the Chill, additionally causing the enemies damaged to deal 35% reduced damage and take 10% more damage from all sources.


Along with the base mechanics of causing Ice Wave to coat the ground it travels over with slowing ice, enemies also take 15% of Ice Waves Cold damage a second when standing on the chilled ground. This damage a second cannot proc Chill. Enemies who receive a Chill proc while on the chilled ground from Ice Wave now Freeze solid for 3 seconds instead of being Chilled. Freeze duration is not increased by Ability Duration.


Casting Freeze from within the globe now empowers it, causing its Chill radius to increase to 7.5 meters up from 5, as well as making it Freeze all enemies within 4 meters of its impact instead of just the target directly hit..


Nyx is soon going to have her rework released and I'm quite excited for it. For those who don't know, her passive is being changed to reduce the accuracy of enemies targeting her, hopefully by a nice percentage. Additionally, a Mind-Controlled target will be able to absorb the damage you deal to them for 4 seconds after being taken over. This absorbed damage will greatly multiply the damage it deals to other enemies up to tens of times over. Psychic Bolts is no longer going to do damage but will instead reduce an enemies shields and armor heavily, and probably by 100% with some Ability Strength. Lastly, Absorb will now deal all the damage types that it absorbs instead of always dealing 100% Magnetic. With these changes in mind, here are the ones I'd still make -


Increased Prime variant's Sprint Speed to 1.15 up from 1.12. Reasoning - 1.12  is not a beautiful multiple of .05 and thus should be illegal.


The mind controlled target now takes 50% reduced damage from enemies. It still absorbs 100% of your damage.


Removed. Would be redundant now. New Augment - MIND MASTER - Now allows you to have up to 2 mind-controlled targets at once. With this augment you can hold the ability key to release control of the targets without having to directly target them. Additionally, increases the movement speed and attack speed of mind-controlled targets by 35% unaffected by Ability Strength.


In addition to the base 10 second stun this augment causes, it now makes Psychic Bolts release 8 bolts up from 6. Bolt number is not affected by Ability Strength.


The sphere no longer decreases in radius over time, but instead only has 50% of Chaos’ range and remains there. The duration of the sphere is still 50% of Chaos’. Nyx and her allies standing within the Sphere now receive 15% increased total damage with weapons as Radiation Damage unaffected by Ability Strength.


Banshee was designed with stealth mechanics in mind so I knew I wanted to touch on them.


Removed - New Passive - AUDIOMANCY - Banshee perpetually has sound lightly emanating from her that allows her to see the outline of enemies through walls within 15 meters. Additionally, all of her weapons and tools are completely silent. 


No longer deals any damage. 35% of enemies hit are Knocked Unconscious for 4 seconds before they are able to stand back up. Duration and % chance of being Knocked Unconscious are not affected by Ability mods. If an enemy is Knocked Unconscious while they weren’t alerted they will remain unalerted for the duration and when they get back up.


Silenced enemies who aren’t alerted who are hit by Sonic boom have a 100% chance to be Knocked Unconscious.


Keeps currently enhanced finisher damage mechanic. Enemies killed while silenced now have their bodies instantly disintegrated by intense (yet silent) sound vibrations, preventing enemies from being alerted by the corpses that would normally remain. Enemies killed within the Line Of Sight of another enemy will still alert those who witness the killing.


Intense sound waves are now formed around Banshee which give her 50% Damage Reduction while channeling, unaffected by Ability Strength. Sound Quake now cannot break Reinforced Glass. If an enemy is affected by Sonar, Sound Quake does 100% increased damage to them, unaffected by Ability Strength.


Along with current mechanics of making Sound Quake one large pulse of damage with no channeling mechanic, this augment now gives Banshee 4 seconds of Sound Quake’s Damage Reduction after casting, unaffected by Ability Duration



Current effect of 25% increased duration to status effects remain. Also gives Saryn a 25% chance that if her weapons proc Toxin, Gas, or Corrosive damage, that status is also applied a second time after a 1 second delay. Additionally, the duration of the Poison status from Toxin damage has a 50% reduced duration on Saryn.


Holding the ability key down now applies 50% of the added Corrosive damage to Saryn's Weapons.


Reworked. After killing an enemy with any weapon affected by Toxic Lash, a cloud of gas will form for ten seconds dealing 150 Toxin damage a second with no chance to proc Poison. The damage per second does not stack with multiple clouds. The cloud now also forms spores on enemies if your Spores were active on the enemy killed that created it. These spores cannot spread when those affected are killed, unless the enemies killed are also affected by Miasma. The size of the cloud has increased to 3.5 meters up from 2. Once a cloud is capable of forming spores it will not lose the spore forming effect for the duration of the cloud, even if Spores is decaying or inactive. The clouds now last for 10 seconds, down from 12.


Vauban is a fantastic CC frame thanks to his 3 and 4. My goal was to ensure that his 1 and 2 were not only useful, but that they worked well in tandem with the nature of his Bastille and Vortex. To do this I completely removed his 1, and instead made it a combination of the best parts of his 2. His 2 is now a completely new ability altogether. Unlike the majority of frames, I feel that his current passive is actually great.

[A1] - TESLA

Removed. New Ability - TETHER GRENADE - Throw an energy grenade that upon impact briefly tethers all enemies within 6 meters and quickly pulls them to it. After a 1.5 second delay the grenade explodes deals 200 Blast and 200 Radiation damage on impact in a 4 meter radius that always procs Knockdown and has a 35% chance to Confuse. Enemies additionally have their armor stripped by 30% for 4 seconds. Damage, armor stripping power, and armor stripping duration are affected by ability mods. Neither the explosion range nor the tether range are affected by Ability range. The Confuse chance is not affected by Ability Strength. Holding down the ability key prevents the Tether Grenade from activating on impact, but instead makes it unfold into a Tether Mine. After a 1 second deploy time any enemy that comes within 4 meters of the mine will trigger it after a 0.75 second delay, producing the same effect as the normal impact's tether and detonation. The mine's trigger radius is not affected by Ability Range.The mine will last for 5 minutes before disappearing. 5 mines can be placed at a time.


Removed. New Augment for New Ability - ECHO GRENADE - With this augment, if the Tether Grenade directly hits an enemy it will stick to them, tether all enemies with 6 meters and produce a shockwave that deals its normal damage with the Knockdown and the 35% Confuse chance as usual in its normal radius. After 5 seconds, the stuck grenade will produce another brief tether and a second wave. 5 seconds after the second wave the grenade will tether a final time and explode as normal. If the initial wave kills the enemy directly stuck, or the stuck enemy dies before the grenades final explosion, the Tether Grenade will drop from the enemy and automatically unfold into the Tether Mine which retains its second wave, if it didn't use it, and it's final explosion. If you hold the ability key to turn the grenade into the Tether Mine it will also project the 2 waves and then explode with the same delays in between after it initially gets triggered by an enemy that comes into it's proximity range after being deployed.


Removed. New Ability - TRANSFER MODULE - Vauban throws down a cube that after a 1 second deploy time unfolds into a Transfer Module with a duration of 20 seconds. If an enemy is within its 6 meter proximity range upon deploying, or if an enemy comes within range of the module, it releases an 8 meter wave that deals 100 True damage to every enemy it touches. It can only produce 1 wave every 4 seconds. If the wave dealt any damage, it transfers the damage into a pulse which it releases out 2 second later in a 10 meter radius restoring the shields and health of allies. The numerical value of damage that the wave inflicted is directly translated as healing to each separate ally restored as 50% shields and 50% health. Vauban and his allies can only have up to 200 Shield and 200 health restored per pulse. The wave and pulse radius are not affected by Ability Range. The duration of the module is affected by Ability duration but the delays are not. If the duration ends after a wave damages an enemy, but before the restoring pulse that comes 2 seconds after, the pulse will instead occur the moment the duration ends. The True damage from the wave and the maximum restoration of the pulses are affected by Ability Strength. This means that it always takes 4 enemies hit to restore all allies in range with the maximum value of shields and health that is allows by Vauban's Power Strength. Only 1 Transfer Module can be active at at time.

Sidenote - I feel like this would be a great ability to place by enemies affected by Bastille or grouped together by Vortex. I think the ability's supportive nature would be a great addition to his kit, even if some of the numbers need to be adjusted in practice.


The Transfer Module now produces a radial buffer that increases the armor value for Vauban and his allies by 250 as long as they are standing within 15 meters of it. Armor value is affected by Ability Strength but the radius of the buff is not affected by Ability Range.


When Bastille's duration ends, it overcharges its gravitation field at the last moment into an upwards pulse that launches all enemies straight up into the air ragdolling them. (Basically this change is my way of keeping the fun of Bounce Pad in the game since I'm removing the ability altogether. I think of it as a nod to the original Vauban)


Along with having Bastille repel any enemies not affected with a wave every 4 seconds, gravitational effects still slow the movement and attack speed of enemies who cannot be lifted by 35%. This slow effect is not affected by Ability Strength.


Having a Vortex successfully absorb another is now much easier to consistently pull off. If a Vortex orb comes within the range of another Vortex it is instantly absorbed every time. (Don't know about you guys but many times my Vortexes weren't being absorbed at all and were instead being created as separate Vortex instances when testing this augment). Added duration per Vortex increased to 80% up from 70%. The maximum Vortex duration limit remains as is.



Removed . New passive - SUPERNOVA - Whenever Nova receives health damage from an enemy, she releases an 7 meter nova of antimatter energy that slows all enemies by 75% for 3 seconds. This can only occur once every 9 seconds.


You still receive 5% damage reduction on health per star spinning around you, however you now retain a minimum of 25% damage reduction as long as you have at least a single star left. Each particle now inflicts 300 Slash damage, up from 200. Stars can only shoot out every 2 seconds instead of every 1.


Removed. New Augment - SAPPING STAR - Every time a star hits an enemy Nova recovers 15 Health, affected by Ability Strength. Every 5 seconds Null Star now generates a star to replace one that was used for the cost of 5 energy, affected By Ability Efficiency. This isn’t considered channeled so you can still receive energy per second from Energy Siphon and similar effects. You cannot obtain more stars than the ability started with upon activation.



Reworked. Every time Nekros kills an enemy he absorbs a Soul. You can stack up to 20 Souls. A Soul lasts 10 seconds. Getting an additional Soul refreshes the duration of all Souls. After 10 seconds of not gaining a Soul, Souls begin to decay by 1 every 3 seconds. Every soul gives you 0.25 health a second, .05 energy a second, and .5% Damage Reduction. At a full stack of 20 Souls, you gain 5 health a second, 1 Energy a second and 10% Damage Reduction. Additionally, you still gain 5 Health per enemy killed within 10 meters at all times.


Soul Punch now stuns the primary target for 5 seconds instead of them taking a Knockdown, affected by Ability Duration. The projectile formed from the primary target remains, but enemies within 4.5 meters of the primary target additionally receive a Knockdown.Using Soul Punch on an enemy gives you 1 Soul even if the enemy doesn’t die from the hit.


Restored health of the revived ally has increased to 50% up from 30%, unaffected by Ability Strength. Targeting an ally while they aren't Bleeding Out will now heal them for 15% of their max health, affected by Ability Strength, and make their next Bleedout have a 100% Bleedout-Link with Nekros. Casting Soul Punch on an ally who isn’t bleeding out only costs the base 25 energy affected by Ability Efficiency. Additionally, holding down the ability key with this augment allows Nekros to apply the 15% heal to himself.


Armor reduction has been increased from 20% to 25%.


In addition to making Desecrate cost 10 life per corpse consumed instead of energy, it also increases the chance for extra loot from 54% to 65%.


Holding the ability key down now consumed all your collected Souls and empowers your newly summoned and fully restored Shadows. For every Soul consumed, your Shadows Of The Dead cast receives an additive 1.5% increased Power Strength (up to 30% at 20 souls) and the shadows don’t begin to decay for 0.4 seconds (up to 8 seconds at 20 Souls). Neither Soul bonus if affected by Ability Mods.



Along with the base effects of having instant Landing Recovery from long falls and a faster Knockdown Recovery speed, Nimble now allows Valkyr to perform a Triple Jump. Still only one of the jumps can be a Bullet Jump but the order doesn’t matter.


No longer has a Cast-Window mechanic. The damage caused by directly hitting an enemy is now increased by all damage-increasing mods that are equipped on your melee weapon. If you aim at a surface you will continue being pulled all the way to the contact point. Jumping while being pulled will cause you to jump off the line and break from it when you desire, allowing you to then fall with the current directional momentum. You automatically break from the line if you come within 5 meters of the contact point, keeping your momentum thereafter, allowing you to still rubberband upwards past a contact point when doing a more vertical Ripline.


Removed. New Augment - BOUNDLESS RIPPING - Ripline now has no energy cost. Additionally, you are pulled 50% faster to the contact point.


Now adds 100 to base armor as well, unaffected by Ability Strength, then multiplies the new armor total with the additional Armor %. This is so the armor increase even helps allied frames that have incredibly low armor values. The 100 armor will not affect warframes with naturally high armor value, like Valkyr herself, much at all.


The base mechanics of adding 2 seconds to the duration of Warcry for every kill remains the same. In addition, Valkyr's gets an additive bonus of Ability Strength which increases by .5% per second while Warcry is active, with a cap of 30%. It will take a full minute to reach the maximum increase. Ability Strength does not affect how much additive Ability Strength you receive nor does it increase the cap.


Stun length has been increased by 35%.



Removed. New Passive - PIETY - Oberon emits an aura that reduces the damage dealt after all other damage reduction calculations that he receives by 15%. Allies within Affinity range receive 10% damage reduction as well. An Oberon cannot receive the effect from other Oberon's. Those affected who aren't an Oberon, but are in Affinity range of multiple Oberons, will only be affected by the Oberon closest to them, preventing the buff from stacking on them.


Holding down the ability key now applies 50% of the added Radiation damage to Oberon's Weapons.


When an ally walks upon the Hallowed Ground, they too now have their Radiation status of Friendly Fire removed.


When you have an active Hallowed Ground, pressing the ability key again only collapses the current cast instead of also recasting the ability, for no energy cost. Pressing the ability key after its collapse will cast the ability again as normal. A collapsed Hallowed Ground still deals all the radiation damage of its remaining duration at once and causes the guaranteed Confuse on all enemies damaged. In addition to this however, enemies caught in the eruption now take 25% additional damage from weapons as Radiation damage for a duration that is equal to the remaining duration of the Hallowed Ground that collapsed and caused the debuff. Addition Radiation damage from weapons is affected by Ability Strength.


When Oberon or an ally is revived they now receive Invulnerability for 15 seconds, up from 5. The effect can still only occur every 90 seconds.


Removed. New Augment - RADIANT RECKONING - With this augment, the blind mechanic of Reckoning is altered. Enemies now hit by this Ability emit a flash of light that blinds them and all enemies within 7 meters for 12 seconds. Enemies who are blinded in this manner, when killed, will also emit a flash of light that Blinds all enemies within 7 meters of them for the remaining duration of the primary 12 second blind. This ability can chain forever until the initial 12 second Blind would have normally ended. Additionally, enemies now always drop a health orb on death or when killed while blinded. The Blind duration is affected by Ability Duration but the Blind radius is not affected by Ability Range.


Zephyr has always been, since her release, one of those frames I loved to play as despite being fully aware of her somewhat limited usefulness before her rework. Thankfully, with that recent rework her utility greatly improved. I still feel that it would only take a few mechanical changes to really make her shine, so I did what I could.


Reworked. Along with Zephyr falling more slowly, the duration of her Aim-Glide also increases by 5x. (I think of this as the Aim-Glide version of Loki's Passive)


You no longer can charge this ability on the ground. Holding the ability while grounded simply makes you cast Tailwind straight up into the air no matter what direction you are aiming. When you hit a solid object, Tailwind now instantly loses all its momentum getting you quickly back to general movement. Using Tailwind in the air not only resets your Aim-Glide but also lets you perform an additional jump if you've already jumped in mid-air, allowing you more control over how much Tailwind's momentum affects you. Pressing and holding the ability key in mid-air now charges for one second and causes Zephyr to enter a Hover at that location. Using the Hover instantly stabilizers her and puts her in the hover state for 10 second previously given by charging from the ground, not affected by Ability Duration, as well as resetting her Aim-Glide and giving you the additional jump. Casting the Hover does not create a radial wind burst like the Hover Jump used to. Zephyr can continually re-apply this hover multiple times without ever touching the ground. Jumping, using a melee, rolling or holding down the ability key while hovering will manually end the Hover.


Reworked. While hovering in air by charging Tailwind in mid-air, all of the Projectiles (not hit-scan) that Zephyr fires are aided by controlled winds to have strong homing capabilities if the projectiles come within 4 meters of an enemy. The range threshold of the homing effect is affected by Ability Range but cannot exceed 8 meters. A projectile will only home in if it has Line-Of-Sight with the enemy, preventing it from hitting objects by homing into them


In mid-air, Airburst can now be charged for 1 second before automatically casting the ability. A charged Airburst costs the same amount of energy, however the projectile has 100% increased flight speed. The charged cast also pushes Zephyr 7.5 meters opposite of the direction she casted it and resets the speed of her falling and Aim-Glide, as well as stopping all current momentum, unaffected by Ability Range. This means if she casts the charged ability towards the ground while falling she will be pushed back up slightly, allowing you to regain aerial stillness but still be more mobile than just hovering. A charged Airburst cannot move Zephyr if she is in her Hover state.


This ability now has an audio cue to signal when the duration has ended.


The projectile speed increase now also affects Airburst.


The engulfing radius of each Tornado has been increased by 20%. Pressing the ability key while Tornado is active now manually ends its duration without recasting. Pressing it again after the tornadoes have dissipated, whether manually or otherwise, will then cast the ability as normal.


Now the 4 primary tornadoes remain, but 4 additional smaller tornadoes are added to the cast. Smaller tornadoes cannot engulf and lift enemies, but they move 100% faster and have improved enemy seeking ability. Smaller tornadoes cannot be commanded by aiming.  A smaller Tornado can still become normal-sized when hit with an Airburst, but they lose the bonuses of being small.



Now has a 100% chance to summon a tentacle on melee slam.


Charge time reduced to 1.5 seconds down from 2.5 seconds.


Along with taking a Corrosion proc with every hit, when an enemy is first hit their maximum armor is reduced by 20% affected by Ability Strength for the duration of the cast. Additional hits do not stack the armor reduction.


Removed. New Augment - TIDAL SMASH - Upon reaching the end of the wave you create a water explosion in a 5 meter radius. The explosion deals 500 Blast damage with a guaranteed Knockdown. All enemies hit are Knocked Unconscious for 5 seconds before being able to get back up. The explosion radius, the explosion damage and the Knockout duration are all affected by their corresponding Ability mods.


Charge time reduced to 2 seconds down from 2.5 seconds.



Along with increased acrobatics, Mirage has a 25% chance to completely avoid an elemental status when a damage type procs on her.


Damage of each explosion increased from 200 to 400. Status chance of each explosion type increased to a 100% chance up from 60%.


The buff icon now shows your exact increased damage or damage reduction whether you’re in light or shadow respectively, instead of only showing you the highest potential value for being in the brightest light or the darkest shadow based on your current Ability Strength, as it does now.


Range increased to 6.5 meters up from 5, still unaffected by Ability Range. Mirage now has an icon floating above her for her allies when she has Eclipse activated letting them know she has the augment equipped for their benefit.

[A4] - PRISM

Cast time reduced to 1.75 seconds down from 2.



Holding the ability key switches between two modes: Banish Outward and Banish Inward. Banish Outward will hit enemies and allies in your current plane and push them to the other. Banish Inward will hit enemies and allies on the plane your aren’t currently in, and bring them into your plane.

[G1] - HAVEN

Along with healing a Banished ally by 25%, Limbo also heals for 10 health for each enemy and ally Banish effects.


In addition to its base effect of killing Rift-bound enemies to bring others nearby into the Void, the Rift Plane is also surged with energy that increases Limbo and his allies Reload Speed, Fire Rate and Melee Attack Speed by 15% while within the Void. This % increase is affected by Ability Strength.



The Fire Rate and Reload Speed bonuses are applied as a separate multiplier after pistol mods. When Mesa has no Melee weapon equipped, or has a Gunblade equipped, she gains an additive bonus of 50 to her max health.


When you use the ability after it is has some charge, it charges up to 6 of the remaining shots of the magazine of whatever gun you are currently holding. Stored damage is divided evenly between all remaining shots. Reloading your gun removes the magazine, therefore the charged ammo is lost. Ability Strength does not affect the number of charged shots.


Reworked. When Ballistic Battery is charged to 100% and is then used to charge the shots, all the charged shots gain a 100% Status Chance and 4 Punch Through.


The additional damage to guns is increased from 25% to 40%, but is still additive with mod bonuses.


If Mesa is playing Solo, Shooting Gallery now emits a blinding flash every 9 seconds since it can no longer switch between players.


The chance of the Stagger proc chance on reflecting damage has been increased from 50% to 65%.


As one of the most useless abilities in the game, I knew I needed to buff this heavily. Peacemakers now do 21.6x damage and fire 37.13x faster, make Mesa Invulnerable while Channeling and heals her and her allies for 123 health a second, and now the starting radius increases perpetually instead of decreasing. She grows an extra Arm every 3 seconds that also holds and shoots a Peacemaker up to a maximum of 163 Arms. Once Mesa ends the ability or runs out of energy, she explodes in a 514 meter radius with 10,003 Punch Through with a 109% chance to proc Death. Additionally to this, the last 4 sentences are complete Lies. Peacemakers received no changes. xD



In addition to changing his Elemental Composition, he also deals 15% increased damage with that element and receives 15% less damage from it. The duration of the elemental status proc of the element Chroma is composed of is reduced by 50%.


Chroma is now able to use all his weapons while breathing the elemental stream. Spectral Scream deals 50% increased damage if you are affected to any degree by Vex Armor's Fury bonus. Spectral Scream is also affected by 50% of Ability Range's influence in a straightforward manner instead of having a more complex range formula. Base range remains at 10 meters.


The damage cap has been removed. The elemental orb now has a radius of 8 meters that is not affected by Ability Range. Damage bypasses obstacles and does not diminish in damage with distance. The status chance of the explosion increases by 10% every second. Channeling the ability for 10 seconds or longer will guarantee a status proc on any enemy damaged.


The damage ticks that occur 5 times a second from the stream now have a 10% chance to proc their elemental status each. The base Radial Attack has had its damage increased from 200 to 1000 and is now affected by Ability Strength. This radial attack has also had its radius increased from 5 meters up to 10 meters. The range of the stream, the radial attack and the blind remain unaffected by Ability Range. Effigy no longer has an animation when re-equipping the pelt making the transition out of channeling smooth regardless of what action Chroma is doing. The Effigy is now able to be buffed by Vex Armor but the effects are different. While in the radius of Vex Armor, the Effigy gains 30% increased damage reduction as long as you have a Scorn Bonus and 30% increased damage as long as you have a Fury Bonus, both unaffected by Ability Strength.


The effigy now always teleports to the chosen location after a 1 second delay. Teleporting the sentry deals no damage and costs no energy. The teleport has a cooldown of 5 seconds. This augment is now an Exilus mod and can be equipped in the Exilus mod slot.



Reworked. When Equinox picks up a health orb she now gains 10 energy. When she picks up an energy globe, she now gains 25 health. Globes can still only be picked up if you aren’t at the maximum value of what they originally restore.


Bonuses do not decay during the duration.


Your other half now breaks out for 15 seconds, up from 10.

[A2] - REST & RAGE

Reworked. Renamed - REST & RUIN. The behavior of Rest functions the same. Ruin has the same positive effects of Rage but no longer increases an enemies movement speed or attack speed.


Renamed - CALM & CRUMBLE


Pacify & Provoke will remain active after casting Metamorphosis. It will simply switch effects instead of being deactivated. Additionally, Pacify cannot drain any more than 7.5 energy a second regardless if more than 15 enemies are affected simultaneously, affected by Ability Efficiency.


Reworked. Pacify now slows all enemies in its radius by 25%, affected by Ability Strength, but caps at 50%. Provoke now increases all damage the enemies take from all sources by 10%, affected by Ability Strength. This effect is additive with Ruin. These effects no longer require a damage build-up. The slow effect and damage increase effect dissipates with distance from Equinox, reducing  down to 33% effectiveness at the furthest reaches of its radius.

[A4] - MEND & MAIM

Mend & Maim will remain active after casting Metamorphosis. It will now switch effects automatically, but cause you to lose all built-up energy gained while in the previous form..  


This augment is now an Exilus mod and is capable of being equipped to the Exilus mod slot. (Honestly, out of ALL the augments in this game, this is the ONE that I really think should just be added to the base ability, but making it an exilus mod is a step in the right direction)



The damage of Landslide has been increased from 350/700/1400 to 700/1400/2800, but no longer benefits from the Combo Counter.


The Boulder created from reactivating the ability while a Bulwark is present now deals 800 damage in a radius of 7 meters. Both the damage and radius are affected by Ability Mods. The explosion always causes a Knockdown and Weakens enemies, causing them to deal 35% reduced damage and take 10% increased damage from all sources. If the Bulwark is Petrified, not only does it roll 100% faster and for 100% more distance as usual, but both its roll damage and explosion damage is doubled. Additionally, the explosion of a Petrified Boulder now Petrifies enemies for 6 seconds instead of causing a Knockdown and Puncture proc, unaffected by Ability Duration.


Holding down the ability key will now explode all Bulwarks where they are for the same radius and damage of the normal boulder-explosion. The explosions will also Petrify instead of causing a Knockdown or Weaken if the Bulwark was affected by a Petrify cast.


The chance for enemies to drop additional loot has been increased from a base of 25% to 50%. The chance of additional loot is no longer affected by Ability Strength.


The range of the radial Petrify has been increased to 8 meters up from 6. Instead of throwing rocks the Golems now stomp the ground which causes a stalagmite to rapidly explode from underneath the targeted enemy that deal 1000 Blast damage in a 4 meter radius with a 100% chance ragdoll them into the air. Enemies who melee attack a Rumbler now have a 50% chance to be Petrified. When a Rumbler dies, they now explode in a 4 meter petrifying wave, affected by Ability Range.


The single Titanic Rumbler now possesses 225% health and 225% damage of a normal Rumbler, up from 150% and 135% respectively. It still taunts enemies into attacking it.



Removed. New Passive - CLOUDED PRESENCE - Wukong now has an innate 10% chance to not receive damage when hit.


The base damage of Iron Jab has been increased from 800 to 1600 but no longer benefits from the Combo Counter. The jab now deals 50% of its damage to all targets within 5 meters instead of only damaging the primary target, unaffected by Ability Range. The primary target procs a guaranteed Blast status of Knockdown.


When Wukong is sent into the air by targeting the ground, he also creates an 8 meter radial pull at his starting location that brings nearby enemies under him, not affected by Ability Range.


While you are Clouded you now move 25% faster than before. While you are Clouded you can also press the Primary Fire key while targeting an ally or enemy to rapidly move to them if they are within 25 meters of you. You can now use Iron Jab while in Cloud Walker, which will cause you to become unclouded and quickly perform the jab. When you use Iron Jab from Cloud Walker its radial damage range is increased to 10 meters. The Rapid-Movement cost is 10 energy + Cloud Walkers energy per meter traveled, affected by Ability Efficiency. Rapid-Movement ranges are unaffected by Ability Range.


Allies who fire silenced weapons while invisible now do not become uncloaked. I think that with the base Cloud Walker having faster mobility and a Rapid-Movement mechanic, the base effects of this augment will be more than enough to make it very effective.


Base damage has been increased from 250 to 500. This ability no longer benefits from the Combo Counter. The range bonus to Primal Fury now works differently due to not being affects by the Combo Counter. Primal Fury now gains 0.5% increased range for every enemy hit up to 100% increased range. Not hitting an enemy for 3 seconds decays the range increase by 2% per second. Increased range is not affected by Ability Strength nor Ability Range, and its effect is additive to Range increasing melee mods.


[PA] - Sentry

Enemy radar now has a range of 30 meters, up from 20.



Now also takes the damage from the Warding Halo teleport explosion and the created ring of fire's damage over time into calculation for its total damage build up. The total damage remains stored even after Fire Walker ends. Using Fire Walker once the duration has ended will perform the kick and Fire Trail for no energy cost. After the kick you can then use Fire Walker again as normal.


The very center of the ring is now the point of collision that causes the ring to bounce off objects. This allows the ring to cut through much tighter spaces and keep its intended pathing. The edge of the ring is still what damages enemies and initiates the ring to bounce from enemy to enemy.


Holding down the ability key will now apply Warding Halo to your Sentinel.


Received no changes.


Like Nyx, Titania is also going to be receiving a rework very soon. This will make her Tribute auras no longer have stacks but instead reach their full benefit instantly, as well as making her Lantern tether the enemies affected and allow it to be cast on 4 targets simultaneously. With this in mind, these are the changes I would still make -


Instead of leaving a patch on the ground, Titania now shares her Bullet Jump bonus with all allies within 25 meters. Bullet Jump bonus increased from 25% to 30%.


The Dust Aura remains the same. The Thorns Aura has been removed and replaced with the Aegis Aura that reduces all damage taken by 20%. The Entangle Aura has been increased to a 15 meter radius but is still unaffected by Ability Range. The Full Moon Aura has been removed and replaced with the Blood Moon Aura which restores 15 health a second to Titania and her allies.


Razorwing now summons 8 Razorflies at once. Razorfly damage has been increased from 80 to 150. While channeling Razorwing, Titania now replaces a destroyed Razorfly every 8 seconds. The number of Razorflies cannot exceed 8.

The damage of her Diwata, the melee she is equipped with while channeling Razorwing, has been increased from 200 to 400, but is no longer affected by the Combo Counter.


Received no changes.


Received no changes.



Warding Thurible still functions the same, but Harrow retains half of the damage reduction value gained when channeling for the post-channeling duration of Thurible.



In addition to occasionally causing a small radial blinds when in light, Gara can occasionally Glint from firing her guns in darker locations.


The damage of Shattered Lash has been increased from 800 to 1600, but can no longer benefit from the Combo Counter.


Healing per second per target affected by Splinter Storm has increased to 5, up from 3.


The mirrors are now completely invulnerable to damage. Mirror base duration has been reduced from 22 seconds down to 12 seconds. When enemies target the mirrors their damage is no longer reflected back to them. Instead, the mirrors absorb the damage and store it. When Spectrorage ends or the ability key is pressed while it is active, the Mirrors will explode as Slash damage for 100% of the total stored amount, increased by Ability Strength. Gara and her allies cannot deal damage to the mirrors themselves. The first instance of Spectrorage must be shattered before being able to create a new Carousel with an additional cast.



The base damage from Whipclaw has been increased from 300 to 600, but no longer benefits from the Combo Counter.


The base cast speed of this ability has been increased by 25%.


When Venari is in Attack Mode both her and Khora’s total damage with all abilities and weapons is increased by 10%, affected by Ability Strength, and the Snare attack now hits all enemies in a 4 meter radius simultaneously, not affected by Ability Range. Pressing the ability key while in Attack Mode and not targeting an enemy will teleport Venari to your location. When Venari is in Protect Mode both her and Khora’s damage reduction are increased by 15%, affected by Ability Strength, and the Tail Whip attack now disarms every enemies in a 4 meter radius, not affected by Ability Range. Pressing the ability key while in Protect Mode without targeting an enemy will teleport Venari to your location. When in Healing Mode, pressing the ability without having an ally targeted will always instantaneously have her teleport to you instead of having her occasionally try to run to you from a long distance. If Venari isn’t commanded to heal an ally, nor commanded to stay in place, she will teleport to you the exact moment she gets out of Affinity Range regardless of her current Battle Posture.

Needed Bugfix - In Healing mode the ability to have Venari teleport to you occasionally becomes disabled (I couldn't figure out why), forcing you to rotate through all the postures and back to Heal Mode to regain teleport functionality. This is very annoying! Typically if you press the button for her to teleport it's because you need healing asap.



Instead of knocking down enemies, all those hit by the wave caused from Revenant losing his shields are instead stunned for 2.5 seconds. If you cast Enthrall on a stunned target the ability has no energy cost, similar to the stun from Mesmer Skin.


Enemies who are enthralled now have 50% damage reduction when hit by other enemies. Enthralled allies have had their aesthetics slightly adjusted to make them more distinguishable from regular enemies for both Revenant himself and his allies.


Base number of charges increased from 6 to 7.

[A3] - REAVE

The base duration has been increased from 1 to 1.35 seconds.



Instant Kill Threshold increased from 40% to 50%. When an enemy is instantly killed 25% of its health and shields are added to the mirror as stored damage up from 20%. Enemies who have less than 50% health and are capable of being insta-killed, are now highlighted (in some way) to let you know they are beneath the threshold without having to even target them and check.


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This is amazing. I'll be honest I only read on warframes that I use and really want and am aware of their abilities. While I agree with a lot of stuff, and disagree with a few minor ones that feel redundant to me I just have to say this really is just awesome. Thank you for spending the time to share this. I would love to see people discuss a lot of the more mainstream warframes in regards to your suggestions, especially the devs. 

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I couldn't read the whole thing but I got a general understanding of what you want to do from reading most of it. Which is essentially buff everything to the point that it all is closer to a balanced state and I would very much like to see that. The problem with balancing everything is that future frames will probably need to have way more thought put into them than normal to make them viable with the roster after your proposed changes. 

DE should take the time to look through your ideas and consider them for a balance pass in the future though.

I will say this as a final note, spending a large amount of time balancing a large majority of an ever evolving game could very easily, and reasonably, be considered not worth it from DE's perspective. Major changes to damage types, enemy scaling and mechanics could make a large portion of the changes you've proposed completely redundant.


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removed a
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7 hours ago, Pryzmatiq said:

Damage Types not listed received no changes.

People do understand Slash does not make it through a look at Damage unscathed, right? Slash, if it stays as is, will always trump Puncture or Impact. Your changes to Puncture and Impact are not even attempting to remedy the meta bias towards Slash.

In general, I think players lack the overview of the game required to begin to suggest number changes.

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2 hours ago, peterc3 said:

Your changes to Puncture and Impact are not even attempting to remedy the meta bias towards Slash.

As long as Slash can attain the highest dps, it will always be the meta bias. Secondly, my goal wasn't to make all damage types equal, but rather to be a quick fix before they inevitably rework the system, hopefully sooner than later. The easiest fix for slash, if its a nerf you're suggesting (which I intentionally avoided), would simply be for each instance of damage to also be Slash damage, instead of True. Perhaps that's the change it needs? It dealing 245% of its damage over 6 seconds is fine. Puncture is a debuff, Impact is a stun, Slash is dps. Unless there is something I'm missing?

EDIT: I actually made a few more changes to damage types in general. The True damage innate to Bleed is what blatantly puts it above all the rest. Generally speaking, Slash is only weak against armor (Ferrite / Alloy), yet its proc makes it entirely bypass it. Basically, its only weakness shouldn't be what it can avoid. That said, big changes to how damage types function can dramatically change the game, so that's why I was hesitant to change it. It'll be interesting to see what they actually end up doing with Damage 3.0.

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9 hours ago, More-L said:

The problem with balancing everything is that future frames will probably need to have way more thought put into them than normal to make them viable with the roster after your proposed changes. 

I will say this as a final note, spending a large amount of time balancing a large majority of an ever evolving game could very easily, and reasonably, be considered not worth it from DE's perspective.

Absolutely. That is one of the larger problems with Free-To-Play, even if it is done exceptionally well like it is with Warframe; Ultimately, "new" will always be exponentially more important to the game and its bottom-line than reworking what already exists. They could easily have gotten away with never reworking anything, just to make what's "new" be that much more superior, so I'm glad they at least throw us a balance pass or rework every now and again.

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You have some really reat ideas here and I hope the Devs will read and honor the work you put into this.

I just have some minor issues I want to adress :

  • You are working with fixed numbers, which is not bad, but could lead to a feeling that mods are not really necessary/relevant on certain frames. I not that it is easier to balance and often makes sense, but I guess you used it a bit to much.
  • The "Nuking" Frames still have their potential of being annoying to others, because they do all the work alone. I don't have a solution for this, but I guess those changes won't be implemented as this does not seem to be what DE wants (mainly Embers WOF, Banshees Quake, Saryn)
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There's some really good improvements in here, and a lot of great ideas for mechanics that this game could use even if not necessarily in that same capacity.

I do like that you had a lot of stats locked when relevant to prevent certain abilities from scaling in undesirable ways, and it's something I've suggested myself in the past. That's really something I think DE should do a lot more often. Locking or capping a stat on some abilities could really prevent the need to rework the ability in the future due to them being more powerful than intended. 


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5 hours ago, (PS4)Riko_113 said:

I do like that you had a lot of stats locked when relevant to prevent certain abilities from scaling in undesirable ways

Ever since I saw what they did with Khora's Whipclaw, and maxing it at 10 meters instead of giving it a weird, specific range formula, I've thought about what all other abilities would benefit in such away. Obviously, from what you've read, I feel there are a sizeable handful that would.

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