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Mesa Prime Access is Live!


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Become the fastest gun in the system with Mesa Prime. This legendary gunslinger comes with the Akjagara Prime dual pistols, the long-awaited Redeemer Prime gunblade and more!

Mesa Prime Access Features

  • Mesa Prime: Cast a long shadow with this lethal enforcer.
  • Mesa Prime Glyphs: Embody Mesa Prime with these Prime Glyphs.
  • Akjagara Prime: Precision machined mirrored pistols. Primed and ready.
  • Redeemer Prime: Deal out double-barreled death with this primed gunblade.

Mesa Prime Accessories


  • Anten Prime Operator Earpiece
  • Respa Prime Operator Mask
  •  Erlang Prime Operator Oculus
  • Mesa Prime Montesa Helmet

Don one, two, or all three fashionable Operator Prime Accessories and give your Operator a golden visage!


Also included in the Mesa Prime Accessories are:

  • Cholla Prime Sugatra
  • 90 Day Credit Booster
  • 90 Day Affinity Booster

Mesa Prime, Akjagara Prime and Redeemer Prime Blueprints can also be earned in-game through Relics!

Do you feel lucky, Tenno? Mesa Prime Access is live now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and will arrive in early 2019 on Switch.

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As someone who's got almost (and the only two times I didn't was for money) all accessories, I'm going to say this: I was expecting the sugatra totally, but the accessories... I think a trenchcoat inspired Syandana (however one could be done) would have been more appropiate. Heck, even maybe a landing craft skin... or that Prime amp thingie Sean shared some time ago as a skin.

I don't know. I guess it was time for Operator cosmetics beyond the suit, but I feel we could have gotten something else. Not saying we couldn't get them, but these alongside a sugatra feel a bit shallow for my taste. Not doubting there's folks who were waiting for these though! 😄

Anyways, Mesa, Akjagara and the Redeemer look great! Can't wait to get her.

BTW Helen, think you can upload that Mesa Prime keyart in full instead of a banner? My windows desktop is so ready :3

EDIT: Just for the sake of clarifying: I feel the Operator facial cosmetics are not bad per se, the design is quite nice, it's the complete offering of some facial cosmetics + a sugatra combo that feels shallow taking into account what we spend.

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ehhh... the accessories are a bit on the light side this time. If it was the operator accessories and a syandana or anarmor set then it would have been ok but sugatras tend to remain underwhelming because of their small size tbh

On another note, how are we suposed to achieve that look in-game since the accent color is the energy color on operator accessories.

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I was planning on buying this prime access, but I think I'll pass on the accessories portion of it. The operator stuff is kind of ugly 😕 but really excited for Mesa prime 😄 

Edit: I'll just say this to speak more on the operator side of things. Think back to the Commodore set. I was new back when that was offered. Didn't even know what an operator was. That looks amazing and I wish I could get it now, but maybe in the future we'll have a second chance. I don't think my operator is the best looking but the things for their face is kind of meh in general. I feel like the face is the best part of my operator and to cover it with any ear pieces or masks just feel wrong. 

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Yay, Mesa Prime is around the corner~ (SOONTM)
But like most of the other players here already mentioned: The current Operator-Accessoires are...well, okay...yea...just okay imo :s 


edit: In Case people want to take a look at the complete Mesa-picture from the 1st comment in this thread:
@NightmareT12 (since you asked for the full pic - here you go - it's 1920x1080 🙂 )

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I like how you're giving operators some love with prime cosmetics, and Mesa prime looks 10/10. But I personally think operator face cosmetics should not be part of prime accessories. The Commodore prime suit was fine because it is much more significant than some facial accessories that will probably be hidden by 90% (if not 100%) of operator hoods... Don't know how reasonable it would be to ask for something more with the access but it would be nice if something else was added.

I was looking forward to having a reason to buy the whole package but I honestly can't say I want to spend the money on those accessories. 

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Umm..... I really appreciate the hard work you put in on Mesa Prime she looks good, BUT the Prime accessories are VERY disappointing. I would have MUCH MUCH MUCH rather have had the option of a duster syndanna rather than operator accessories and a sugatra. In fact if the only thing you gave was that syandanna I would have been ecstatic and would have tripped all over my self getting to my wallet to get the prime accessories. Unfortunately going to pass and not think twice about these accessories so just going to farm her parts in game and not waste my money.


to sum it up what we wanted with Mesa Prime and her Prime Accessories was a cool looking gunslinger with an awesome duster a Stetson hat something that looks like they just waled out of the gunfight at the OK coral, and what we got was A rodeo clown in chaps.

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and another prime access with lack and poor accessories, I was waiting for a full package purchase. But i think im passing another prime access. So sad. You loosing a good income DE with that bad decision on accessories.

Please D.E. reconsider this prime access.

Edit: Wow Please Digital Extreme, plz reconsider this accessories pack, MESA prime deserved, WE Fans Deserved i Waited The whole year knowing the fact that Christmas will bring mesa prime. 

I want the whole access, i like to buy the whole package since mesa is my favorite and beloved frame, But that package is very poor and no tempting. Please 

I am willing to pay for the entire package in the hope that the accessories will be delayed and renewed with something more dignified.

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Everything looked great until I got to the Prime Accessories. I've never been interested in buying Prime Access until now, with Mesa being the next prime, and I've gotta say... it seems that without a Syandana or Armour there really isn't much value in "Operator Accessories". I dont tend to see myself fawning over how good my operator looks when I'm void dashing to get that energy spike, and then immediatly switching back to my frame (which gets the most screen-time). 😂

Like others have said, Prime Accessories really seem to be lacking in this one. Sounds like I'll be saving $60 and just be getting the main access w/o the accessories.

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