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Graphical Issues in Orb Vallis


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Ever since I first entered Orb Vallis, I'm experiencing graphical issues when the camera is in certain views and angles. It makes the game unplayable until it's gone, when it occurs. You can't tell what way to go and you can bump into things easily. Or get killed like I did.

There will be screenshots attached.


People in my clan said "Your PC probably doesn't meet the requirements for Fortuna" but that doesn't seem right. I never had such an issue with Plains of Eidolon but I'm having it with Orb Vallis. Someone else told me "Plains of Eidolon had the same issue when it was new." so I'm hoping it's just that it's new, and it will be fixed soon. I really love Warframe and don't want to have to get a new PC (Because I'd rather get a new one than replace a part in my laptop) to play it.




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