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State Alchemist Clan Recruitment PS4


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Hello, our ps4 clan is looking for some new members to join are shadow clan, we have about 12 members right now and looking to grow. With members ranging from veteran players who have been here for years to new players still finding their way within the game, we have no preference on the skill, mastery, experience or anything, all we ask is for you to be chill and friendly and to try your best to get involved with the clan and alliance, we speak in party chats mostly so a mic would be a plus but is by no means need to join in. Now to us and about are clan in-game stuff we have a fully researched ( other than a few colors or new stuff if a update just drop ), decorated dojo with all the facilities you need to be the best ninja you can be. Between all current members of the clan ( 12 members as of the writing of this post ) we should be able to help and assist on any mission, warframe or weapon builds, different play-styles, resource farming, map completion and quest help and also everything under the sun from early game to end game. if interested or have any questions please contact me either here on the forums or via PSN (mostly PSN) ( gamertag is ShikamaruNara_10 ). thank you for taking your time in looking to join the State Alchemist.

Our clan logo


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