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Lotus Voiceover Request

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I think that looking into the mission voiceovers for the Lotus for kuva siphons could use a look-over because sometimes it seems like the Lotus has Alzheimers.  It seems like the fix would be very quick too.


Lotus: Oh no, that's a kuva siphon.  Its bad, do something about it.

*Last exterminate body cleared*

Lotus: Mission complete, head home boys.


I'm paraphrasing obviously.  This situation is common and it sometimes confuses some people into thinking that they should ignore the siphon and just leave.  What I suggest is a line to the effect of "Your original mission is complete, Tenno.  Now please destroy that kuva siphon before extracting."  Maybe go one step further and have the lotus tell you she detects a kuva siphon at the beginning of the mission, and then have different lines for her that aren't surprised like she's never seen a kuva siphon before.  My point is you've got options, and it'd be a very quick and much appreciated fix.



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