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Player becomes stuck in a boundary reset loop in Underwater sections on Grineer Sealab tileset


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1. Select a mission on Uranus
2. Ensure mission has a large underwater section or two
3. Find an area underwater with cave walls intersecting a open area boundary
4. Fly full speed into the boundary intersection

Expected Result:
You are bounced back to a safe section

Actual Result:
The boundary reset occurs multiple times while the player is lifted further into the non-playable area

Video link of result: 


More info:
The "/unstuck" command does not help, you have to exit the mission, possibly with alt+F4 as the menu shuts every time the boundary reset happens,

This happened to me on Xbox and required opening the guide menu and closing the game to get out. I did not have this happen to me on PC, but I was in a mission with someone on PC where this did happen to them.

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yep, can also confirm this is happening on the sortie exterminate today. also, found a weird item underwater that I can't scan but says it's an ally (blue marker on minimap, and a blue wave point to it) in the uranus mission while going toward the exit (which you can't exit cuz of the loop problem). Anyway, here's the item:



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