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Drahk Master stole my gun and it disappeared. Maybe because I killed him the exact moment he stole it. Maybe because it was kitgun. Maybe has something to do with Limbo's (my teammate) rift.

Classic bug with endlessly falling (into some chasm or water) and respawning. Not fixed for years. Dying and reviving didn't help. Switching to operator didn't help. /unstuck didn't help.

Immortal Dargyn of death. Can't tell exactly what happened, but I was in plains riding Dargyn, I either died on it or jumped from Dargyn the exact moment it was destroyed, then it dropped on the ground and it became invincible and started shooting me and my teammates on its own without pilot.

Interacting with cat (E) in Orbiter almost always shows cat's and warframe's model severely displaced from where they should be.

Guest room's door often doesn't open for my friend when I invite him to Orbiter.

Connecting to the mission late often forces me to watch unskippable cutscene.

Scroll directions in weapons list in arsenal sometimes randomly gets inverted.

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More bugs.

Drahk Master disintegrating my weapon seems to be kitgun issue after all. Happened again. Btw, talking abut kitguns, how about finally adding them to equipment list in profile?

Also endless teleportation+respawn again. Now in submersible archwing segment on Uran*s. Thanks god I was using the only remotely viable archwing that has blink.

More Ura*us issues. Classic sortie exterminate where you have to reach the extraction (through LOOOOOOONG submersible area with zero content) to make the rest of enemies spawn and backtrack. BRAVO DE. Yet another more than year old issue.

And MORE issues with Ur*nus' submersible segments. They exist. I don't believe that anyone would put them there intentionally. Must be a bug.

You might also ask me why I'm censoring planet's name? Well, according to my experience with trying to name my zaw, someone accidentally dumped the entire dictionary in Warframe's word filter. Might affect the forums as well.

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