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Could we get a "Hide Built and/or Mastered" tickbox?


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Having "Hide Owned" when talking to a syndicate and such is great but has one major flaw. When you have already obtained the BP and then built that item (such as all of the Operator cosmetics from Fortuna) those items are now all visible again and I can imagine many players have made the mistake or re-buying items as there is no "hide built" option. This is further compacted by the fact when you click into such BPs you can view the item but do not see "1 owned", implying you are yet to obtain said item. 

Furthermore, a similar issue is majorly problematic in The Foundry. A player is likely to have many many duplicates acquired over time yet may not want to sell them in the case they may need to build an item again. a "Hide Mastered" option would be fantastic here, allowing someone to hide all related items to things they have previously mastered (Such all all frame and weapon-related BPs etc.)

I hope these things are coming in upcoming UI updates as they would be really appreciated by many frequent players that are having to keep a mental note of everything they have previously acquired/mastered or are checking their inventory or profile every time they are unsure (And that can be an awful lot of things!). 

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