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[Warframe Concept] Teku: Mistress Of Technology (Concept Art Included)


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This is my first 'Frame proposal out of plenty of my concepts. This Warframe is named "Teku", and uses orokin based technology linked to her 'Frame. She will be a caster based warframe used mostly for crowd dispersion/control and support.





Link if embedding doesnt work: https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/1278027_511262295622026_743519069_o.jpg


Her design concept: She is to look a little more high tech than the other Warframes (like Vauban). His color scheme is Light-Grey, Grey-Blue, Scarlet, White, and energy color of Orange. She is also very Geometric, to continue the High-Tech look. If you are confused about the legs, they come to a point for increased agility for she actually skates across, rather than touches the ground (Feet are inefficient for movement for they cause too much energy to be absorbed by the ground). She is also to have a similar physique as Saryn, just more agile in action.




Health: 85 (255)

Power: 150 (225)

Armor: 50

Shields: 125 (400)

Shield Recharge: 25

Sprint Speed: 1.2

Polarities: 4 x = // 1 x - // 1 x V

Aura: -




Why not. We have plenty of Warframes based upon Elements and creatures. I just though a Warframe who uses her own utilities (like Vauban) rather than an element or creature would be different from the vast majority. I liked how Vauban's powers were all based on what type of 'grenade' he threw, so in Teku's case she uses these small drones that float around her body and commands them.





Ability 1: Beam (temporary name)

Teku commands her drones to spin around her left arm, causing a buildup of electromagnetic energy. After this short charge, she uses the drones to help fire the beam of focused energy. Deals hefty damage to one target and any other targets in a 5 m. radius. Others barely outside the strike zone will be knocked down. 


Costs: 2/3/4/5

Energy cost: 25


Damage Type: Serrated blade + Physics knockdown

Damage: 150/175/250/400

- Hitscan + Particle FX

- Has the knockdown and damage explosion after first target is hit.


Ability 2: Reflection

Teku summons her drones to make a mobile energy shield in front of her. It travels with her movements, but she can only walk (at a reduced speed) while this power is active. When the shield takes damage, it reflects 3/4 of the damage back at the enemy who fired. It also causes "Agro", so the enemies will focus on attacking the shield. Good for taking out fodder type enemies and giving good protection to her front side. 


Costs: 4/5/6/7

Energy cost: 50


Acts similar to the Grineer Shield lancer shield and Volts Energy shield combined.

Duration: 12/15/17/19 seconds (but if you want to cancel the power, tap on the keybind for the power)

- Resistant to frontal melee


Ability 3: Pulse

Teku charges up a large surge of energy that, when released, stuns and disables technology and shields. Artificial enemies (robots like MOAs, Ospreys, Rollers, etc.) will take more damage. Once executed, her team-mates receive energy (typically 75 to 100), but she herself will not reap the benefits.  


Costs: 6/7/8/9

Energy cost: 50


Duration of stun: 5/7/9/12 seconds (excluding Bosses, they have a 1/2 duration debuff, so ex. 2.5/3.5/4.5/6)

Damage Done: 75/75/100/150

- Has same radius as "Radial Disarm"


Ability 4: Guardian

Teku calls forth her drones to guard her. They will slowly orbit and glow, and will zap any enemy who comes within radius. The attack is the same as Deathcube's Vaporize. There are 6 drones floating around her, so it is like 6 deathcubes who only use the Vaporize attack.


Costs: 10/11/12/13

Energy cost: 100


Damage of Guardian per zap: = to dethcube vaporize/same/+100/+125 more

Each Drone has 6 shots available. This can be increase be using Duration mods.


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